SUPREME. Organic Certified Sarpo Mira Seed Potatoes


NEW! EXTREMELY RARE! True potato flavor and ideal floury texture. Superior blight and disease resistance. An easy-care, excellent keeper. Huge yields


NEW! EXTREMELY RARE!  Organic Sarpo Mira (pronounced “Sharpo”) is a premier potato from Hungary. The pink skin of this large, elongated golden-fleshed tuber opens to true-potato flavor and the dry, floury texture that is so prized in Europe. This is the potato of choice for organic gardeners—no spraying necessary because it’s so highly resistant to blight and many other diseases. Bake, mash, roast or fry one of the best-tasting potatoes available. This is the “queen” of potatoes, and literally has a royalty attached to tout its lineage. If there were ever a potato worth a little extra, Sarpo Mira is it. The yield will reimburse you!

Variety CharacteristicsSarpo Mira
Size of PlantLarge
Color of SkinPink
Color of FleshGolden
Eating QualityExcellent
Tuber ShapeOval
Size of TubersMedium-Large
Tuber SetHigh
Color of FlowerPink
Tuber Late Blight ToleranceHigh
Scab ResistanceModerate
Suggested In-Row Spacing10″
Ease of GrowingEasy to Grow Symbol

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