Certified Organic Maine Certified Seed Potatoes

We’ve now completed Potato Harvest.  Now that the crew is out of the field we are beginning to catch up on shipping orders.

Seed potatoes are dormant in the Fall Click here for an explanation

Nowhere will you find higher quality Organic Certified Seed potatoes for planting in fields or gardens. From our Maine farm we grow and sell many popular Organic Seed potatoes such as Yukon Gold, Caribe’, Reddale, and Adirondack Blue. We also grow many other great Organic Seed Potato varieties, some you may not have heard of! All of them are worthy of growing on your organic farm or garden. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you have our word on that.

If you are seeking organic potatoes for the kitchen that are ready now for eating, please check out our selection of Certified Organic Maine Kitchen Potatoes.

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Showing all 28 results