Why Buy Organic Seed?





5 thoughts on “Why Buy Organic Seed?

  1. Loved your interview on the Joe Gardener Podcast. We have had good and bad potato years in the past. Your tips were so helpful, and your science-based explanations were just what we needed. We look forward to a great year again. We have been growing organically for 40 years, but like all honest gardeners, we are still learning. Living at 7800 feet in the Colorado Rockies, we send our appreciation and look forward to trying out some new varieties from you.

  2. Thank you, Claudia. We’re still learning better ways to do things and grow better. Jim

  3. The potatoes arrived very quick. I didn’t give any thought as to how many potatoes might be in a pound… we recieved 4 Huckleberry Gold potatoes… but they are the most beautiful, velvety smooth skinned, firm potatoes I have ever seen. I am planting them today… on Valentines Day. Thank you for your dedication.

  4. Hi
    I am reading that some of your seeds are created at Cornell, does this mean they genetically modifying the potatoes?
    Thank you

  5. Hi Cece. We would never source, carry or support genetically modified potatoes (or genetically modified anything!). Cornell has a potato BREEDING program that produces varieties through natural cross-breeding and evaluation of plants and their traits. There are very few genetically modified potatoes that have ever gone public. One created by Monsanto (New Leaf) was discontinued due to a lack of interest in the market and another by BASF (Amflora) was introduced into the EU market but then withdrawn for similar reasons.

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