Background Articles on Biotech Crops.

Altered Genes

Truth Out. Eat at Your Own Risk: Flawed FDA Risk Assessments Strengthen Arguments for Labeling GMOs. FDA Dysfunction Exposed (02/26/15)

Council For Responsible Genetics. The State of the Science. Good Summary of Sceince Interface with GE. (04/02/13)

Climate Connections. Transgenic DNA from GMOs in Chinese rivers – why is it suddenly there? Significant Environmental Pollution. (04/11/13)

EWG. Americans Eat Their Weight in Genetically Engineered Food. Study on American Diet. (10/15/12).

Independent Science News. Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops. GE Crop Safety Doubted by Study. (01/21/13)

H. Doug Matsuoka. 1/16/13 Vandana Shiva at Hawaii State Capitol GMO labeling rally. Video (10:35) of Rally in HI. (01/16/13)

GM Watch. GM a threat to Nigeria’s food security. GE Cotton Crop Failure in Nigeria. (01/11/13)

Field Liberation. Belgium – Judges deny anti-GMO activists fair trial. Civil Disobedience in Belgium. (01/15/12)

Fox Business News. Dow Says New Genetically Modified Corn Delayed Until 2014. GE 2,4-D Corn Delayed. (1/18/13)

The Asian Age. Independent Science in Jeopardy. Independant Research Does Not Support GE. (12/05/12)

Reuters. Pesticide use ramping up as GMO crop technology backfires. Reuters Coverage of Benbrook Study. (10/02/12)

CAHNRS News. Pesticide Use Rises as Herbicide-resistant Weeds Undermine Performance of Major GE Crops, New WSU Study Shows.Failing GE Crops Increase Herbicide Use. (10/01/12)

Powerbase. Arpad Puszta. Case Study of Scientist Harassed by Biotech. (2008)

Natural News. California universities pose as bogus front groups for bogus corporate science on GMOs, organics. Political Misuse of Academic Reputation. (10/12/12)

GMO Global Alert. GMO: Moment of Truth. Video (12:50) of Dr. Seralini research. (09/19/12)

Sustainable Pulse. CRIIGEN Study Links GM Maize and Roundup to Premature Death and Cancer. Dr. Seralini Landmark GE Research. (09/19/12)

Food Navigator. Turkey slams door shut on GM food. Turkey Prohibits GMOs. (08/21/12)

Greenpeace. Europe Says “NO!” to Genetically Engineered Food. Country-By-Country Wrap Up. (08/08/12)

GMWatch. Farmer becomes disillusioned with GMOs. Farmer’s Rejecting GMOs. (07/25/12)

Mother Jones. How California Could Force the Rest of the US to Label GMO Foods. Tom Philpott. (05/31/12)

GMWatch. The inside story on the GM wheat trial debate. From The Ecologist. (05/27/12)

Food Democracy Now. Tell the American Medical Association to Support GMO Labeling. Move Towards Transparancy. (06/04/12)

Marketplace. States consider labeling GMO foods. Dave Zuckerman & Rachel Nevitt Interviewed. (06/04/12)

New York Times. Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food. California Right-To-Know Initiative. (05/24/12)

Millions Against Monsanto. Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto! Donate Now to Support CA Mandatory GMO Labeling. (5/17/12)

Truth Out. Monsanto’s Minions in California. Campaign Against CA Labeling Initiative. (05/11/12)

ABC News AU. Greens urge protectoin for non-GM farmers. GMO Canola Lags in Market. (04/27/12)

The New York Times. E.P.A. Denies an Environmental Group’s Request to Ban a Widely Used Weed Killer. New GMO Product Moves Forward. (04/09/12)

Safe Food Foundation. GM FOODS. Listing of 73 GMO research papers. (04/07/12)

Reuters. BASF to undertake GMO potato trials in Europe. Retrenchment in Europe. (04/05/12)

VPIRG. Vermont Right to Know GMOs. Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill. (03/21/12)

True Food Now. Fifty-Five Members Of Congress Call On FDA to Require Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. Movement in Congress. (03/12/12)

VTDigger. Bill Requiring Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Saved From Procedural Death. Background Article on VT GMO labeling Bill. (03/19/12)

NPR. Insect Experts Issue ‘Urgent’ Warning On Using Biotech Seeds. Transgenic Bt Corn Resistance. (03/09/12)

The Atlantic. The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods. MicroRNA Factor in Food. (01/09/12)

Green Peace.  BASF retreats from Europe as GM crops rejected. Historic Reversal by biotech giant. (01/17/12)

The New York Times. BASF to Stop Selling Genetically Modified Products in Europe. Monumental GMO Abandonment.(01/16/12)

The Atlantic. The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods. Explosive New Research on microRNA.(01/12/12)

Catholic News Service. GM crops breed economic dependence, new form of slavery, says cardinal. Comments from Vatican City. (01/05/12)

Mercola. The Hidden Epidemic Destroying Your Gut Flora. Must View Dr. Donald Huber Video Interview.(12/10/11)

Mercury News. Arkansas court affirms $50M verdict for rice farmers. Bayer GMO Rice Contamination. (12/08/11)

AlterNet. Why is the State Department Using Our Money to Pimp for Monsanto? Documentation of public funds used to push biotech interests. (10/31/11)

IPS News. Transgenic Cotton Harbours Hidden Dangers. Wild Cotton in Meixco Contaminated by Transgenic Cotton.(10/25/11)

Reader Supported News. GM Crops Destroying Food System, Creating Crises. Report on the Effect of Transgenic crops.(10/20/11)

The Guardian. Biotech Group bids to recruit high-profile GM ‘ambassadors’. Leaked Documents: EuropaBio Seeks Fake ‘Ambassadors’ to Push GMO Agenda. (10/20/11)

Health Freedom Alliance. CA Ballot Initiative: Standing Up to Monsanto. California Ballot Initiative to Require GMO Labeling. (10/14/11)

Desmoines Register. State Department: Biotech labeling would scare consumers. Good Article. (10/12/11)

Leader Post. Canadian GM canola escapes into the wild: study. GM Canola Escapes to Wild. (10/06/11)

The Star Phoenix. Study debunks myths on organic farms. Canadian Article on Rodale 30-year Study. (09/27/11)

The Nation. How Change Is Going to Come in the Food System. The Nation: Michael Pollan Change in the Food System. (9/14/11)

Vimeo. GMO Film Project Sizzler. GMO Video Prime (6 min) by Siefert. (07/09/11)

The New York Times. U.S.D.A Ruling on Bluegrass Stirs Cries of Lax Regulation.USDA Lax Ruling on GMO Bluegrass.(07/06/11)

Latin American Press. UN Calls for Transgenic Corn Ban. UN Official Calls for Mexican Ban on GMO Corn. (06/30/11)

New Hope 360. GMO Timeline: 1976 – 2011. GMO Timeline. (06/24/11)

Truth Out. GMOs and Peru: The Debate Comes to a Head. Peru strikes down GMO. (06/19/11) What countries have banned GMO crops? What Countries Have Banned GMOs. (06/18/11)
Truthout. Risky Advice. Truthout: Risk & Uncertainty. (06/04/11)
Tikkun. Obama’s Deregulation of GMO Crops.  Excellent Article on Obama’s GMO Failures. (05/30/11)
Ground Truth. Genetic Trespass! GE toxin reaches umbilical cordblood. GMO Toxin Reaches Umbilical Cords. (05/26/11)

GM Watch. Whole GM Bt toxins found in human and fetal blood – GM crops and imports must be halted. Quebec Researchers Find Transgenic Health Risk. (5/20/11)

GM Watch. Sweden Heads for GM-Free Status: UK Should Follow. Sweden Creating NO GMO Food System. (05/16/11)

Grist. What We Know – And Don’t Know – About The Safety of Eating GMOs. Grist/Philpott: Are GMOs Safe to Eat? (05/16/2011)

GM Watch. Commercial Interests Shape Peer Reviewed Articles on GM. Money Influence on Peer-Reviewed Research. (05/13/11)

I-SIS. GM Feed Toxic, New Meta-Analysis Confirms. Meta-Analysis of 19 GMO Studies Contain Toxicity. (05/09/11)

Grist. USDA Moves to let Monsanto Perform It’s Own Environmental Impact Studies on GMOs. Philpott on USDA Plan to Outsource EIS. (04/25/11)

Triple Pundit. Monsanto Will Create Own GMO Environmental Reports. Monsanto to Write Own GMO EIS. (04/21/11)

Institute of Science in Society. Scientist Defends Claim of New Pathogen Linked to GM Crops. ISIS Report on Dr. Huber. (04/21/11)

Capital Press. USDA Plans to Outsource Biotech Studies.  New USDA Plan to Farm Out E.A. (04/14/11)

The Sydney Morning Herald. GM Wheat Trial Begins Amid Secrecy. Covert GMO Wheat Trial in Australia. (03/28/11)

Grist. USDA ‘partially deregulates’ GM Sugar Beets, Defying Court Order. USDA Defies Court Order. (02/05/11) Feds mum on GMO Spread. USDA Won’t Warn Public of GMO Escape. (11/18/10)

New York Times. Judge Revokes Approval of Modified Sugar Beets. Judges Revokes RR Sugar Beet Approval. (08/13/10)

MSU. Seed Industry Structure: Cross-Licensing Agreements for Genetically Engineered Traits. Great Dr. Phil Howard Chart. (06/09)


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