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Expert Calls ‘Gene Editing’ a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Over a year ago U.S. Director of national intelligence James Clapper issued his annual worldwide threat assessment.
That official assessment indicted the new breathlessly-PR-heralded form of genetic engineering (GE) known as ‘Gene Editing’ as a jaw-dropping WMD.
In terms of hubris, has Gene Editing become Biotech’s finest hour? Jim

“Genome editing is a weapon of mass destruction.

“That’s according to James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence, who on Tuesday, in the annual worldwide threat assessment report of the U.S. intelligence community, added gene editing to a list of threats posed by ‘weapons of mass destruction and proliferation.’

“Gene editing refers to several novel ways to alter the DNA inside living cells. The most popular method, CRISPR, has been revolutionizing scientific research, leading to novel animals and crops, and is likely to power a new generation of gene treatments for serious diseases (see ‘Everything You Need to Know About CRISPR’s Monster Year’).

“It is gene editing’s relative ease of use that worries the U.S. intelligence community, according to the assessment. “Given the broad distribution, low cost, and accelerated pace of development of this dual-use technology, its deliberate or unintentional misuse might lead to far-reaching economic and national security implications,” the report said.

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GMO Arctic Apples to Hit Shelves Next Month Without Clear Labeling

Consider this bad news a warning to your family: plan to switch over to Organic Apples right away. The first of the illegimate GE apples will be yellow, but a green and red GE version will soon follow.
Are GE Apples safe? Because of insufficient study, no one knows. ‘Regulator’ USDA and the manufacturer are hoping you and your family won’t mind being guinea pigs.
Switching to Organic Apples will protect your family and will be an effective response to that guinea-pig-request. Letting your local grocery store Produce Manager know of your opposition will also be helpful. Jim

“The company will also be selling GMO Granny Smith and Fuji in the future after gaining USDA approval. The USDA deregulated the GMO Fuji apple in September despite receiving more than 620 comments from individuals and consumer groups who were opposed to the variety, GMO food in general, as well as concerns over a lack of clear GMO labeling.

“‘It’s not only an unnecessary product, but the risks have not been fully examined,’ said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch.”

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Worthless GE Apples to be in Stores Soon

Now that Glyphosate-centric herbicide-tolerant (HT) GE crops are failing and being abandoned by farmers, a new generation of GE crops, HT to problematic and flawed ‘Dicamba’ herbicide, is being pushed by Monsanto and others. One problem is Monsanto is selling the Dicamba HT GE seed despite Dicamba NOT been approved for use.
ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM being encountered with this illegal Dicamba use is its EXTREME VOLATILITY. When sprayed to control weeds in GE crops, there is a strong and unreasonable tendency for Dicamba to drift off-target and cause severe destruction to neighboring non-GE crops. Hundreds of thousands of innocent acres have been damaged by Dicamba spray drift.
Spray-drift injured farmers are demanding government action. States like Arkansas and Missouri are clamping down. Jim

“Rone last week introduced two bills that would amend the approval process for herbicides and herbicide-resistant seed in Missouri. One of them, House Bill 605, would require the Missouri Department of Agriculture to determine whether herbicides sold in the state are “inherently volatile” and develop usage restrictions for those meeting certain criteria. The other, HB 606, would prohibit the sale of herbicide-resistant seed if the corresponding herbicide has not also garnered approval.

“But Rone described the legislation introduced Thursday as the biggest of the three. He said that bill, HB 662, would raise existing fines for illegal herbicide use from $1,000 per field to $1,000 per acre.

“‘The farmers down there have asked me to build something with teeth in it,’ he said. ‘That’s what I’ve done.'”

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FDA’s ‘Substantially Equivalent’ Doctrine Exposed by New Research as Bogus

Almost 25 years ago Vice President Dan Quayle announced adoption of a politically-motivated Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy – known as “Substantial Equivalence” – designed to treat Biotech’s GE crops with kid gloves. History shows this fraudulent policy claiming “Substantial Equivalence” between GE crops and traditional crops was authored by none other than Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor (…/dan-quayle-and-michael-ta_b…).
The fact is the doctrine of “Substantial Equivalence” has been scientifically unsupportable and was the result of Biotech-governmental collusion. Now, LANDMARK RESEARCH, led by Dr. Michael Antoniou of King’s College London, and published in the scientific journal ‘Nature’ solidly refutes the entire false premise of “Substantial Equivalence.”
The scientific findings are: GE crops are NOT “Substantially Equivalent” to non-GE crops. Therefore, a quarter century of lax U.S. regulation of the Biotech industry – based on this monstrously false claim – have endangered the health and welfare of the American people. Heads should roll.
Now, in retaliation for this truth-telling research, we should expect to see initiation of a massive Biotech character assassination campaign waged against these honorable scientists who have courageously stood up for the public interest. Jim

“’Our study clearly shows that the GM transformation process results in profound compositional differences in NK603, demonstrating that this GMO corn is not substantially equivalent to its non-GMO counterpart. The marked increase in putrescine and especially cadaverine is a concern since these substances are potentially toxic, being reported as enhancers of the effects of histamine, thus heightening allergic reactions, and both have been implicated in the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines with nitrite in meat products. Our results call for a more thorough evaluation of the safety of NK603 corn consumption on a long-term basis.’ Dr. Antoniou stated…

“The establishment of compositional ‘substantial equivalence’ is a key starting point requested by regulatory agencies for assessing the safety of a GMO crop and food. If analysis for nutrients and known toxins shows that the composition of a GMO crop is found to be in a similar range to that present in a corresponding, genetically similar non-GMO variety (often the non-GMO parent), then it is deemed to be ‘substantially equivalent’ and to require little, if any, further safety testing, especially in the USA…

“A total of 117 proteins and 91 small molecule biochemicals (metabolites) were found to be statistically significantly altered in NK603 corn by the GM transformation process.”

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The Truth About Biotech’s Lies

Monsanto and their allies have purposely been fibbing and exaggerating claims about the GE crops for two decades in order to manipulate public policy and maximize profits. The NY Times called them out. Now Alternet’s Reynard Loki also calls a spade a spade. Jim

“‘I’m glad that the New York Times has now discovered what those of us in agriculture have known for 20 years, that the old and exaggerated claims of genetic engineering by Monsanto and their allies are bogus,’ Jim Gerritsen, an organic farmer, told AlterNet. ‘They have not panned out and I’m glad that now the newspaper of record has made this clear to a lot of people.’ Gerritsen and his wife Megan have owned and run Wood Prairie Family Farm in northern Maine for 40 years. ‘A lot of us have been saying this for a long time,’ he said.”

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Stopping Gene-Drive Technology

“Gene Drive” is a reckless new type of genetic engineering.
Read the Call for a Gene Drive Moratorium and see the listing of world signatories here:…/CBD-Gene-Drive-Sign-on-Letter-…
Find a background Report on ‘Gene Drive’ here:
Below is the Englih version calling for the Moratorium. Jim

“In view of the significant ecological, cultural and societal threats posed by genetically-engineered gene drives, including threats to biodiversity, national sovereignty, peace and food security, we the undersigned call upon governments at the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, in accordance with the precautionary principle, to put in place a moratorium on 1) any further technical development and experimental application of gene drives, and 2) environmental release of genetically-engineered gene drives.”

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Glyphosate Study Finds

Inhabitat’s Lacy Cooke covers the new landmark study which has documented very troubling “probable human carcinogen” glyphosate content – from Monsanto weed-killer Roundup – in iconic American processed foods. Jim

“San Francisco laboratory Anresco tested 29 foods for glyphosate at the request of Food Democracy Now and Detox Project. In the report, the two organizations detail new evidence revealing humans could be harmed with glyphosate levels above 0.1 parts per billion (ppb). Anresco testing meanwhile found foods contained far greater amounts of the herbicide than considered safe. Cheerios contained a whopping 1,125.3 ppb, Ritz Crackers contained 270.24 ppb, and Kashi soft-baked oatmeal dark chocolate cookies contained 275.57 ppb. Other foods tested include Wheaties, Oreo cookies, Goldfish, Lay’s potato chips, Whole Foods 365 crackers, and Annie’s cookies, among several other brands (you can see a full list on pages eight and nine of the report here).”

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GMA Recieves Record $18 Million for WA State Election Fraud

Monsanto’s CLOSEST ALLY in the on-going massive, dishonest and maniacal corporate war against citizen’s Right-to-Know about GMOs has been the disgraced and CRIMINAL lobbyist Grocery Manufacturer’s Assn (GMA).
Now, Washington Superior Court judge Anne Hirsch has levied TREBLE penalties totaling $18 million against GMA. This is the LARGEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE PENALTY EVER METED OUT IN U.S. HISTORY.
In a blatant illegal effort to FOOL VOTERS – AND THEREBY STEAL THE ELECTION – GMA was CONVICTED of “intentionally” hiding the identities of out-of-state junk-food-corporations who funneled into Washington millions of DARK MONEY dollars in order to BUY THE ELECTION.
While the record-breaking fine is certainly warranted, TRUE JUSTICE would also demand a NEW ELECTION, complete DISMANTLING of criminal-enterprise-GMA and LONG PRISON TERMS for ALL corporate and GMA LEADERS responsible for this jaw-dropping, democracy-threatening ELECTION FRAUD. Jim

“The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which collected money from the nation’s top food and beverage companies, along with five corporations, raised $22 million to defeat the ballot measure, which would have required labeling of genetically modified foods in the state. Voters narrowly rejected the proposal in the state’s costliest initiative fight.

“‘I took this case to trial because the GMA needed to be held accountable for their arrogance and wilful disregard of Washington state campaign finance laws,’ Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement Wednesday…

“The state noted board meeting minutes and other internal documents to show the group wanted to protect individual companies from attack, particularly after some received criticism for opposing a similar GMO-labeling measure in California…

“Hirsch wrote Wednesday that she didn’t find credible the testimony of GMA executives that the group did not intend to violate Washington campaign finance law.

“Nestle SA, PepsiCo Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. were among those that contributed to the account and about $11 million was spent from that account to defeat the ballot measure.”

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NY Times Exposes Failure of GE Crops

Monsanto’s lies are catching up to them as the truth comes out about the enormous failures of genetic engineering crop technology (…/busin…/…).
The reality is GE crops clearly demonstrate 1) a failure to enhance yield and 2) resultant increased use of toxic farm chemicals as compared to their GE-Free counterparts grown by European farmers.
Monsanto has long used its massive propaganda machine to lie about supposed GE yield increases and similarly falsely-claimed farm chemical usage decreases. Now, after 20 years of GE crop experience, a troubling exposure of GE’s enormous failings has emerged.
The truth is – before one even grapples with human and environmental health concerns – NON-GE CROPS ARE SUPERIOR to GE crops in all important metrics except this one: Biotech/chemical multinational monopolies have been making a killing selling American and Canadian farmers both flawed GE seed and the chemicals GE crops have now become addicted to.
The essential distillation is this: our families have been treated as guinea pigs – placed at tremendous risk – thanks to Biotech lies, government collusion and VIRTUALLY NO agronomic or societal benefits from GE crops. Jim

“Twenty years ago, Europe largely rejected genetic modification at the same time the United States and Canada were embracing it. Comparing results on the two continents, using independent data as well as academic and industry research, shows how the technology has fallen short of the promise…

“One measure, contained in data from the United States Geological Survey, shows the stark difference in the use of pesticides. Since genetically modified crops were introduced in the United States two decades ago for crops like corn, cotton and soybeans, the use of toxins that kill insects and fungi has fallen by a third, but the spraying of herbicides, which are used in much higher volumes, has risen by 21 percent.

“By contrast, in France, use of insecticides and fungicides has fallen by a far greater percentage — 65 percent — and herbicide use has decreased as well, by 36 percent…

“The industry is winning on both ends — because the same companies make and sell both the genetically modified plants and the poisons…

“…But the goal of herbicide-resistant seeds was to ‘sell more product,’ he said — more herbicide…

Michael Owen, a weed scientist at Iowa State University, said that while the industry had long said G.M.O.s would ‘save the world,’ they still ‘haven’t found the mythical yield gene.'”

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GMO Defenders Absent

Courageous and articulate GMO critic Dr. Jonathan Latham is having a hard time finding ANY scientist willing to debate him about the benefits and safety of GMOs. And most astonishing of all, this absence of GMO-advocates-willing-to-debate follows a pattern he has observed for over 15 years.
Dr Latham’s explanation as to why GMO partisans are unwilling to publicly defend their golden cash cow should serve as a real eye-opener to all of us. Jim

“This avoidance of public debate is part of a pattern and the reasons are simple: in any fair fight, the arguments for the safety and benefits of GMOs fail.

“As I have discussed elsewhere, there are strong scientific reasons to doubt the safety of GMO crops. The arguments against them are not limited to the dramatic increases in pesticide use they have engendered. GMOs also created the massive and dangerous consolidation being seen in the agriculture and seed sectors and have greatly reduced options available to farmers. Remarkably, they even yield less…

“In the final analysis, almost everyone loses from GMOs, except the makers themselves. These harms are often hidden or obfuscated, but in an unbiased debate they cannot be. Proponents of GMOs thus find themselves defending the indefensible and sometimes they collapse into blustering idiocy.”