Q: When do you ship Seed Potatoes?
We ship our Organic Certified Seed Potatoes whenever you want them, directly from our Maine family farm, ten months a year, mid-September until July 4th.

Q: Why should we buy from Wood Prairie?
A: In a multi-year organic seed source trial, scientists at North Dakota State University documented that Wood Prairie Family Farm grows the best Organic Certified Seed Potatoes in the United States. Learn about seven More Reasons to Buy from Us on this link.

Q: How does "Dormancy" affect Seed Potatoes?
A: After Harvest, potato tubers must go through a natural dormancy period before they will sprout and grow. This dormancy lasts 4-10 weeks depending on variety and conditions the seed was grown in. For planting after December 1, the dormancy concern is a non-issue because our certified seed potatoes will have completed their rest period here in Maine and will easily sprout and grow when you warm them to room temperature prior to planting.

Q: What does "Double-Certified" mean?
A:     It's universally reccommended that potatoes should be grown from "Certified Seed Potatoes" which have been officially recognized as being free of, or extremely low in, diseases which may affect your potato crop.
         We have an organic farm. The Certified Seed potatoes we grow and sell directly to you are also "Certified Organic" under the USDA National Organic Program.
         Combined, these two important Certifications for seed potatoes are often referred to as "Double-Certified."