The Organic Potato Plant Detective


The Organic Potato Plant Detective

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A twelve-tuber collection which features two of the best organic Maine Certified Seed potato varieties – Island Sunshine and King Harry – and serves double-duty. In addition to growing a bountiful crop of delicious potatoes for eating, the two unique Organic Potato Detective varieties perform a detective-like bioassay function, helping growers of all sizes diagnose potato growing problems. Both are traditionally-bred, Non-GMO varieties. Early-season, round-white King Harry is from the Cornell hairy-leaf-potato-breeding program. Its breeding design was for hairy leaves known as “glandular trichomes” to repel and keep bad bugs at bay. Late-season Island Sunshine, descended from two excellent Dutch varieties, was bred by the organic farmer-breeder Loo Brothers of Prince Edward Island, and is highly regarded for its impressive horizontal resistance and substantial ability to stand up to diseases like Potato Late Blight. The Organic Potato Plant Detective serves as an effective diagnostic tool for distinguishing potato problems. Complete with plant Diagnosis Flow Chart and Organic Potato Growing Guide.