Lettuce Seed. Organic Summer Mix. Pkt.


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34 days. Summer Salad Lettuce Seed Mix: designed for the warmer temperatures of summer. Includes: Burgundy Amaranth, Strawberry Spinach, Magentaspreen Goosefoot, Epazote, Blonde Escarole, Frisee Meaux Endive, Darki Moss Parsley, Red Head Quinoa, Aurora Orach, Gold Purslane, Perfection Fennel, Horned & Golden Frill Mustards, Pink Lettucy Mustards, Sacred Basil, and the Lettuces: Brown Goldring, Flashy Trout Back, Devils Tongue, Mascara, Optima, Double Density, and Freedom Mix. 25,000 seeds/oz, Pkt (~250 seeds) plants 22′