FINGERLING. Organic Certified Russian Banana Seed Potatoes


FINGERLING. Rare heirloom potato.


FINGERLING. Savory finger-sized golden tubers are exquisite baked, boiled or in salads. Heirloom gourmet variety first grown by early Russian settlers. Prolific number of crescent-shaped tubers with tapered ends. Unsurpassed culinary quality. Late-season.

Variety CharacteristicsRussian Banana
Size of PlantLarge
Color of SkinGolden
Color of FleshGolden
Eating QualityExcellent
Tuber ShapeFingerling
Size of TubersMedium-small
Tuber SetVery Heavy
Color of FlowerPink
Tuber Late Blight ToleranceLow
Scab ResistanceVery High
Suggested In-Row Spacing16″-18″
Ease of GrowingAverage

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