SUPREME. Organic Certified Baltic Rose Seed Potatoes


SUPREME Baltic Rose is an attractive red potato from Germany with deep golden flesh, delicious taste, smooth texture, and is excellent fried or roasted.



SUPREME Baltic Rose is our new, beautiful red potato from Germany. It has delicious deep golden-flesh offering high culinary quality, silky-smooth texture, and is excellent when fried, roasted or baked. Baltic Rose is particularly well-suited to organic growing and is robust and reliable. It’s a high yielding variety and exhibits good resistance to damage from Potato Leafhoppers. Hurry and don’t miss out on this wonderful brand new potato!

Helpful Growing Hint: Warming Baltic Rose seed tubers and allowing cut surfaces to heal over prior to planting will pay good dividends and assure the biggest harvests!

Variety CharacteristicsBaltic Rose
Size of PlantMedium-large
Color of SkinRed
Color of FleshGolden
Eating QualityExcellent
Tuber ShapeOblong
Size of TubersMedium-Large
Tuber SetModerate
Color of FlowerWhite
Tuber Late Blight ToleranceMedium
Scab ResistanceModerate
Suggested In-Row Spacing9″
Ease of GrowingEasy to Grow Symbol

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