Buckwheat Seed. Organic Common.


Organic Common Buckwheat Seed

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This is our favorite cover crop! Buckwheat is unsurpassed for weed suppression and soil tilth improvement. Our organic buckwheat seed is fast growing and succulent but warm season and sensitive to frost: for green manure sow after it has warmed up (late May to mid July in the North). To plant for grain harvest sow 90 days before Fall frosts. Young plants make an excellent spinach-like green. Performs well on poor soils. Reputed to take up soil phosphorus and make available to next crop via residue decomposition. Plan on cutting/incorporating 7-8 weeks after planting at 10% bloom to avoid development of seed as a future weed problem. Seed at 4 lbs/1000 sq. ft. or 125-150 lbs/ acre. 14,000 seeds/lb.