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Wednesday February 11, 2015   

A Time For Community To Help.

Donations Urgently Needed for Elderly Neighbor of Wood Prairie Farm Who Lost Everything in a Fire Monday Night.

     Louisa is our kind elder neighbor who lives alone about a-mile-and-a-half towards town from Wood Prairie Farm.  Her home – connected to a large old green-sided ‘potato house’ (potato storage) burned down in sub-zero temperatures around 2 am Tuesday morning.  Louisa was able to escape the flames and is being treated for burns in a local hospital.  All of her pets perished in the fire.  Louisa has lost everything.  She is without resources of her own.
     Louisa’s neighbors across Bootfoot Road, our friends Allie and Mitch Wheeler, have set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding project in order to help Louisa get back on her feet.  Additional details may be found on the crowdfunding project website.  Louisa has already received sufficient donated clothing from folks in Bridgewater to meet her immediate needs.
     The pressing need now is for monetary donations so that she may once again have a modest home to live in on her land.  Donations in any amount – even small ones because they do add up - will be gratefully appreciated.
     Thank you to the Wood Prairie Farm community for helping our wonderful neighbor in this time of extreme need.

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