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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wood Prairie Farm Newsletter

Winter in Northern Maine  

The weather we've had between our October snowfall and the 6 inches of snow we got this last Monday has really been pretty good.   Click here to see pictures of snow on Wood Prairie Farm on our Blog.  Outside Fall work like plowing is now done and we're busy grading potatoes, filling seed packets and shipping orders - both seed and also gifts for Christmas.  

Juko Harvester on Wood Prairie Farm

Some folks have asked about the scene on our Harvest Catalog's front cover.  The picture is of our  new Juko (pronounced "Yuko") potato harvester - which we imported last year from Finland.  Popular among organic farmers in Europe, this is the first unit to work in North America.  The night this photo was taken we had more rain in the forecast and we worked late with the lights on to finish up a section of potatoes in low ground.  


New Bulk Organic Sprouting Seed
Many of us have discovered that the easiest way to get fresh winter greens for our families is to grow sprouts.  Modern, compact and stackable self draining sprouters make the job quick, foolproof and convenient.  In response to your requests we're now offering our delicious organic sprouting seeds in bulk amounts of 1 Lb and 5 Lb bags at substantial savings for those of you gearing up for serious growing.  
  We've found that not only are sprouts a great addition to sandwiches, wraps and salads but they can be a fine winter salad in and of themselves.    

The Sprout Master Sprouter with Wood Prairie Farm Sprouting seeds

parsnips FREE PARSNIP OFFER!  Recieve a FREE 2 lb bag of wonderful Organic Sweet Parsnips ($11.95 value) when you place an order on $50 or more.  Please use Coupon Code XXXXX.  Your order with FREE Parsnips must ship by 12/16/09.  Coupon cannot be combined with other offers.  Offer expires 12/9/09.

See the Roasted Parsnip Recipe on our Facebook Recipe Page.  

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