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Today small, family run potato farms are fast disappearing and with them, the tradition of the hand picking harvest.  Local filmmaker Brenda Jepson has taken on the job of chronicling in "Tater Raisin' Folk" this vanishing way of life in northern Maine.
“Tater Raisin’ Folk” captures the sights and sounds of the handpicked potato harvest at a few of the farms where the tradition still takes place here in Aroostook County, Maine.
The show begins at planting time, features the Potato Blossom Festival at Fort Fairfield, and ends with the harvest at farms dotted around The County.
Here on Wood Prairie Farm we still dig our University of Maine Research plots by hand and use the digger when soil conditions are too wet for heavier equipment.
Jepson's website describes the video: "Visit the Smith's Farm in Houlton where a wooden bear welcomes customers at their roadside stand; get off the beaten track in Bridgewater and discover how the Gerritsen’s at Wood Prairie Farm are bucking the trend by going organic; take in the scenes at Dan Stewart’s Family Farm in Presque Isle where young pickers fill their baskets under the watchful eye of Dan and his faithful friend, Rex; witness the fun of picking at Clayton Patrick’s in Woodland with barrels from the 1940’s, and don’t miss the excitement at Phil Nadeau’s Farm in Frenchville when he tries out his re-built potato elevator made from parts he found on the side of the road.
This is old time potato farming at its best with unforgettable characters at work in stunning locations from around The County. “Tater Raisin’ Folk” reveals what inspires these farmers to keep on planting year after year. "
Those able to receive the Maine Public Television signal (ME, NH, MA, NB, NS) can tune in for airings next week (Monday 11/16/09 10pm, Sat 11/21/09 11pm).  Click here to view the 6 minute preview on You Tube



  Here in Maine and all across North America because of persistent rain and early cold, this Fall's potato harvest has been one of the most challenging in over 20 years.  But thankfully, all of our crops are now out of the ground, looking good and safely in storage.  

RECIPE - Scalloped potatoes
6 medium Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes
1 Rossa di Milano red onion
2 cups half and half or cream
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
3 T flour
Butter a shallow (pie plate shallow) baking dish.
Thinly slice the potatoes and onions (food processor does it in a minute) and layer in the dish, sprinkling flour, salt & pepper on the layers.  Fill the dish with cream until the vegetables are almost covered and bake at 350 for 55 to 65 minutes.  The potatoes should be tender.  It works best if the slices are very thin and the baking dish is very shallow.  


We are busy shipping out your orders and if you hurry there is still time to get them in time for Thanksgiving.  


This year's potato crop is good quality but the roller coaster weather of 2009 has left us with a smaller than normal crop of both seed and eating potatoes.  

What this boils down to is that this will be a good winter to get your orders in early for your favorite varieties.  We have some limits in place - especially for our larger package sizes -and as always you'll find all the current availability  listed on our website.  

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