Wood Prairie Farm

Yukon Gold at Harvest 2009
Yukon Gold at Harvest on Wood Prairie Farm, September 2009

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wood Prairie Farm Seed Piece Newsletter

Good year
Dear Farmers,
   Though it has turned  dry here in August we are having a real good growing year.  And most especially so when contrasted against New England's weather the last two years which have been called the worst in a generation.  
   We know many of you are struggling with record heat, record cold, too little rain and too much rain.  As farmers we're all on the cutting edge of climate change and we'll make it if we work on becoming more nimble and responsive .

15% Off Discount
   Last week we sent out a Seed Piece Newsletter and in that newsletter we had a special offer of a 15% discount on all orders placed by August 31.  If you can come to agreement on what seed  you'll need next year this will be a great opportunity for you for two reasons:  
1) The selection and availability will never be better.
2)  You can save big - some of you to the tune of hundreds of dollars off your seed bill.  Click here to land on our organic seed potato section.  Use Coupon Code XXXXX.

Potato Economics
   In response to a question Jim wrote a short article last spring which give the numbers on how you can clear $5000 from a quarter acre of market potatoes.  Click here for "Economics of Growing Potatoes".

Call Us
   If we can help please give us a call.  To read that recent Seed Piece Newsletter with the details on the 15% off offer please click here.
    We wish you a good harvest.

Jim & Megan Gerritsen
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