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                                                   Ten Reasons Why We Don't Need GMO Foods.
       Friday, April 29, 2011                                                                                   Special Offer: FREE Maine Icons Book.                                                                                                                                                     Recipe: Aroostook Potato Salad.
                                                                                                   Update on Organic Community Lawsuit Against Monsanto.
                                       Update on Dr. Huber and Discovery of New Electron Microscopic Pathogen in GMO Crops.                                                                                                                                                                                   What Did I Miss?                                 


                                                                      Photograph By Jennifer Smith-Mayo.

The State of Maine.
     What do the following have in common?

Lighthouses Moody's Diner The Beach Stephen King
Blackflies Logging Moose DeLorme's Maine Atlas & Gazetteer Black-capped Chickadee
Lobster The Wyeth Family Balsam Bean Hole Beans Acadia National Park
Maine's Native Tribes The Maine Guide Puffins Baxter State Park Lupines
Islands Chester Greenwood Wild Blueberries Joshua Camberlain Summercators
Fog Windjammers Paul Bunyan Lobstermen Renys
Big Chicken Barn Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory Fort Knox State Park Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race Down East Magazine
Raye's Mustard Snowmobiling Libby Camps Chowder Women of the Senate
Fryeburg Fair Red's Eats L.L. Bean Moxie Potatoes
Whoopie Pies Portland Poland Spring Water Bath Iron Works Lubec

     Well you'd be right if you said they are iconic symbols of the State of Maine. So now comes a newly published book by husband-and-wife writer-and-photogrpaher team Smith-Mayo. With beautiful photography and crisp engaging prose Maine Icons is a wonderful book that captures the Maine spirit in a fun and entertaining way. That the new book will be enjoyed both inside and outside of Maine is reflected by this week's 5 Star review in the Chicago Tribune.
     Jennifer Smith-Mayo was up here a couple of Falls back to take photographs of our dusty Wood Prairie potato harvest. You'll find our Potatoes packed in Maine Icons between Moxie and Whoopie Pies. Have yourself some fun and order a copy of Maine Icons from our Wood Prairie farm website by clicking here. Jim & Megan.
Ten Reasons Why We Don't Need GMO Foods
Part Two of our Back-To-Basics review critiquing the biotech propaganda view which asserts that we can't survive without their transgenic crops. Far from that self-serving view is the reality that not only do we not need GMO crops but they should be banned.  As to why please read here

Aroostook Potato Salad

Photo by Angela Wotton

Recipe: Aroostook Potato Salad

4-6 med Yukon Gold potatoes

1 small onion, diced

2 hard boiled eggs

1 to 1 1/4 c mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

Boil potatoes until tender. Drain and mash. Add diced onion, pinch of salt and pepper and mix. Remove egg yolks from white and dice the egg white. Mix egg white in the potatoes with up to 1 cup of mayonnaise. Stir until combined. Transfer to medium casserole dish and pat smooth. Spread remaining mayonnaise and crumble egg yolk evenly over top. 
     We like our potato salad mashed-style here in Aroostook County. Potato salad is a summer staple. Megan.

Serves 4-6 as a side dish

Special Offer: FREE Maine Icons Book

     We know you will enjoy the brand new book Maine Icons. And here's your chance to earn a FREE copy. With your next purchase of $125 or more we'll send you or a loved one of your choice a FREE copy of Maine Icons ($16.95 value).
     FREE Maine Icons offer ends Monday May 2. Please use Promo Code WPF1024. Please call or click today.

Click here for our Maine Icons Book section.

                       Photographs by Jennifer Smith-Mayo
Update on Organic Community Lawsuit                                                            Against Monsanto
     On March 29, 2011, 60 family farmers and agricultural organizations representing 270,000 members filed suit in federal District Court challenging the GMO patents of Monsanto.
     Soon there will be news to report but in the meantime here's a thoughtful article The Earth vs Monsanto that delves into several issues that are at the heart of the case.
     And here's a weblink to an archived radio interview that I recently did. It was on Pacifica Foundation station WBAI in New York City. The interview originally aired last night Thur April 28 (6:00PM Evening News, minutes 8:35 to 15:20). Jim.
Update on Dr. Huber and Discovery of New Electron Microscopic Pathogen in GMO Crops

In our Feb 25 Seed Piece we reported on "Explosive Assertions in Huber Letter to Vilsack." Ten days before USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack's annoucement of the de-regulation of Roundup Ready (GMO) alfalfa, Purdue University Emeritas Professor Dr. Don Huber gave Vilsack a letter with a sober warning. Here is an excerpt from Huber's letter:

"For the past 40 years, I have been a scientist in the professional and military agencies that evaluate and prepare for natural and manmade biological threats, including germ warfare and disease outbreaks. Based on this experience, I believe that the threat we are facing from this pathogen is unique and of high risk status. In layman's terms it should be treated as an emergency."

     Now comes a valuable update from the Institute of Science in Society on Dr. Huber's efforts to shed light on the situation as well as the emergence of a biotech smear campaign being waged against him. Read the story here because you won't find this covered by the traditional media. Jim.
What Did I Miss?

     With lots going on we're using regular posts on our Facebook wall to keep you tuned into the Wood Prairie Organic Community. Here are some such highlights since our last Seed Piece that you won't want to miss. Jim & Megan.

     * New bouncy Dexter calf on Wood Prairie Farm - You Tube Video
     * Eliot Coleman's must read excellent write-up in Grist of his talk at Yale on the science and rich tapestry of organic farming.

     * The conflicted USDA plan to have biotech write its own environmental assessments of biotech crops.

     * Three more reasons to go organic. Three new published studies agree that for the good of their children pregnant women should                 avoid pesticides.

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