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             Wednesday, November 26, 2014

 In This Issue of The Seed Piece:

    Snowy Thanksgiving.

     Good Inside Work. Here is our Wood Prairie Farm setup for shelling our Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed.  We harvest all of our seed corn with the kernels still attached to the cob.  Then, after the kernels have properly dried we shell them with hand shellers (see the two above bolted to the pallet box).  The final step is to clean the seed kernals and bag them for storage, sale and shipping.  Our Special Offer! in this Seed Piece involves FREE Organic Dorinny Seed, so don’t miss it!
     Tonight, we are seeing the beginnings of our next snow storm.  This time around, our storm is a Nor’Easter and forecast to drop 8-14” of heavy, wet snow by noon, tomorrow,  Thanksgiving Day.  Caleb and his crew have spent all of today putting the last of the equipment away.  This will make the winter long job of plowing snow a whole lot easier.
     We hope you will join with us and take the time to stop and count the many blessings we have to be grateful for.  We are most grateful for your steadfast loyalty and support.
     We wish everyone in your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

 Jim & Megan Gerritsen & Family
 Wood Prairie Farm
 Bridgewater, Maine

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Neil Young Backs Boycott of Starbucks Over GMA & GMO Labeling.

     Musician Neil Young has stepped up and is urging a boycott of Starbucks because of its membership in the notorious junk food lobby, GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association).  Neil is unhappy that the GMA - along with powerful GMA member Monsanto - is behind the court challenge of Vermont’s historic GMO Labeling law.  Starbuck’s continued membership gives tacit support to the relentless and serial bullying by the GMA and henchman Monsanto.

     Vermont’s right-to-know GMO Labeling bill was passed by large margins in both houses of the Legislature.  Last Spring, this GMO Labeling bill was signed into law by Governor Shumlin.  The law is scheduled to take effect in July, 2016.  Shortly after the Governor signed the law, a court challenge was filed by the GMA and other Industrial Food lobbys.

     Neil was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine, "’I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one,’ Young wrote. ‘Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to sue Vermont, and stop accurate food labeling.’” Numerous articles featuring Neil’s call for a Starbucks boycott have appeared in other media outlets including Huff Post and USA Today.

     Similar GMO Labeling laws to that of Vermont have been passed in Maine and Connecticut.  However, the laws of those two states contain “triggers” requiring additional nearby states to pass similar legislation before their laws will take effect.  Vermont’s law contains no such trigger

     A razor-thin vote count on the yet-to-be-decided Oregon Measure 92 GMO Labeling referendum - voted on November 4 - has resulted in the ordering this week of an official recount.  Final election results are expected in December.  The Oregon measure also does not contain a trigger.

     In addition to the lawsuit in Vermont, additional recent examples of corporate bullying prove a dark pattern has emerged.  Biotech corporations are behind threats to citizen actions and the democratic rule of law in both Maui, Hawaii, and in Jackson County, Oregon.

     It is abhorrent and troubling for deep corporate pockets - like the GMA and Monsanto - to intimidate citizens and attempt to overturn the will of the people. The boycott against Starbucks is a necessary and legitimate action for the people to employ their food-dollars to bring about justice. 

     We join salute Neil Young and join him is his call for a sustained boycott of Starbucks.

Jim & Megan

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Neil Young. Longtime Family Farmer Supporter.

Grazing Guinea Hogs. A substantial portion of Guinea Hog feed is inexpensive pasture in Summer and hay in Winter.

Watch Guinea Hogs on Pasture On Wood Prairie Farm.

     All year - since Spring time - we have had our American Guinea Hogs out on pasture here on Wood Prairie Farm. Guinea Hogs are an American heritage breed which originated hundreds of years ago in Appalachia.  They are hardy even in Maine’s climate.  What makes these black pigs unusual – besides their mild temperament – is that they do well being fed only minor amounts of grain when they have access to plenty of forage. Here’s a new You Tube video (1:36) showing most of our sixteen Guinea Hogs late this Fall out in our main pasture.

   Guinea Hogs grow well on a forage-based diet: pasture during the outdoor season and hay in the winter.  What this means is that anyone with a modest-sized yard or field can raise their own inexpensive pork without having to spend a fortune on buying expensive grain.  On this regimen of mostly-pasture-and-garden-waste, Guinea Hog piglets do grow slower and finish somewhat lighter weight than grain-fed pigs.  However, the meat is of excellent quality and it is simple enough to meet pork poundage goals with the addition of a second piglet.  Many farmers – ourselves included - believe that because of the companionship and competitiveness factor, two pigs will grow faster when together than two pigs in isolation. Here’s another fun You Tube video (3:17) from this March showing this same group of Guinea Hogs in the barn at five-weeks-of-age.

Jim & Megan

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Notable Quotes: Thomas Jefferson on Restraint.

Roasted Potatoes and Peppers.
Photo by Angela Wotton
Recipe: Roasted Potatoes & Peppers.

1 1/2 lbs potatoes
1 onion 
1 red, yellow or orange pepper   
1 1/2 T olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed   
1 tsp dried rosemary (optional)   
1/8 tsp sea salt   
1/8 tsp pepper   

Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Wash potatoes. Halve or quarter larger potatoes. Quarter onion and cut peppers into one-inch pieces. Combine oil and seasonings in a plastic bag. Add vegetables and shake to coat with seasonings. Place in shallow dish and bake uncovered in the oven, until potatoes are tender, about 40-45 minutes, stirring once.


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Special Offer: FREE Packet of Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed.

     As the recent rush of Thanksgiving orders began to ebb, we turned our attention back to shelling the many hundreds of pounds of dried corn kernals from our cobs of Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed.  Organic Dorinny is a Canadian open-pollinated (OP) heirloom from the 1920s.  One parent is the famous “Golden Bantam.”  Organic Dorinny stands out as one of the very best early season sweet corns. 

     Like every at-risk seed crop, we have had this year’s Organic Dorinny seed crop laboratory-tested (PCR) and it tested free of detectible contamination from genetically engineered (GE) corn.  
     Now in celebration of our successful corn harvest, we have a Special Offer for you.  Get a FREE Packet of Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed (Value $3.50) when the amount of goods in your next order totals $25 or more. FREE Packet of Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed offer ends Midnight Monday, December 1, 2014.

     Please use Promo Code WPF430. Your order and FREE Packet of Organic Dorinny Sweet Corn Seed must ship by 5/6/15.  Please call or click today!

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Organic Dorinny Ready to Be Shelled. The best Early Sweet Corn.
Our Mailbox: Work's Never Done, McDonalds Nixes GE Potatoes, The World Standard.

Work's Never Done.

Dear WPF.

Your work is never done. thank you Jim to you and your family and all you do!


WPF Replies.

     Thank you for your kind words! Organic farming is the life we have chosen. It does happen to be full of work. We find no separation between the work of our farm and our dedication to inform and help protect our organic community.

Jim & Megan

McDonalds Nixes GE Potatoes.

Dear WPF.

Will this new genetically modified potato take off? McDonald's has spoken...Not a chance in hell that I will buy this...

WPF Replies.

     Until mandatory GMO labeling becomes required it will be challenging to determine which conventional potatoes are GMO. Of course, certified organic potatoes, such as we raise on Wood Prairie Farm, will always be free from GE content since genetic engineering is considered a prohibited method in organic farming under federal regulations.


The World Standard.

Dear WPF.

Let's require GMO labeling on things that don't have labels currently like meat, milk and restaurant food...


WPF Replies.

     The world standard - in 64 countries representing almost half of the world's population - is for mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). So, if GE Salmon were ever approved for sale, it would have to be labeled because the fish itself was genetically modified (aka "genetically engineered"). However, milk or meat from a cow who happened to be fed some GE grain would NOT be labeled because the cow itself is not genetically engineered. The USA will do well if we are able to come up to the world standard on GMO labeling. Meeting that standard will empower citizens by providing them with the information they need to make an informed choice about whether to buy GMOs or not on the vast majority of food products.


 Jim & Megan Gerritsen
 Wood Prairie Farm
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