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                     Friday October 25, 2013

 In This Issue of The Seed Piece:

 Time for Discernment. Time to Spend Wisely.

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      With snow flurries in the air and more in the forecast today we are winding up our six week harvest by digging the last of our French Chantenay Carrots.  Today’s sunny 46ºF with light breeze is much more pleasant that the past couple of days worth of windy and cloudy 40ºF days. Harvest in Northern Maine typically begins with t-shirts and ends with snowsuits.  That’s been the case again this year.
    Cutting and splitting up firewood is our last remaining outside job of the year.  Our new catalog is at the printer and is being printed today.  We’ll mail out new catalogs next week.
    Once tools, tractors, trucks and equipment are put away we’ll be ready for a long season of plowing snow.  Then we’ll settle into keeping our wood stoves burning and our winter’s work of grading and shipping organic seed potatoes and repairing equipment for our next farming season.

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 I-522 GMO Label Initiative Down to the Wire.
     Our good friends at Cornucopia Institute in Wisconsin have done it again:  they have created an excellent info-graphic to help all of us understand who our real friends are. See the new chart as the intro to this issue of the Seed Piece.

     Those honest organic companies supporting the critical Washington State I-522 Right-to-Know GMO Label initiative are on the right half of the chart.

     The Big Food corporations who are financially supporting Monsanto’s campaign of lies and half-truths to defeat label transparency are listed on the left.  The financial backers of No on I-522 are engaged in another campaign of misinformation and gross deception – just as they were last year in CA Prop 37 – and include ‘traitor organic’ brands now owned by Big Food corporations which are taking our well-intentioned organic food dollars and using them to work against the peoples’ best interests.

     We encourage you to print out copies of this powerful chart.  Please share copies far and wide with friends and family. Place copies in your car and purse so that you will have the information you need every time you make food purchases.

     In a related blockbuster story, the Washington State Attorney General successfully filed suit against the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association), the Junk Food industry lobbyist which was caught trying to launder millions of dollars of corporate funds in the I-522 campaign and hide the names of conspiratorial corporations from public view.  The Center for Food Safety reports, "In fact, Attorney General Ferguson said this case represents ‘the largest amount of money ever concealed in an election.’"  Find the full story as reported by CFS here.


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Dr. Michael Hansen. One of the courageous scientists standing up for truth.

 Ninety-two World Scientists Reject Biotech Claim of GMO Safety.  


Declaring “No scientific consensus on GMO safety,” a group of 92 courageous scientists from around the world have stood up to the Biotech cabal and in a strongly worded statement rejected Biotech’s self-serving insistence their products are safe.

   "Prof C. Vyvyan Howard, a medically qualified toxicopathologist based at the University of Ulster and a signatory to the statement, said: 'A substantial number of studies suggest that GM crops and foods can be toxic or allergenic. It is often claimed that millions of Americans eat GM foods with no ill effects. But as the US has no GMO labeling and no epidemiological studies have been carried out, there is no way of knowing whether the rising rates of chronic diseases seen in that country have anything to do with GM food consumption or not. Therefore this claim has no scientific basis...Another signatory to the statement, Prof Brian Wynne, associate director and co-principal investigator from 2002-2012 of the UK ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics, Cesagen, Lancaster University, said: 'It is misleading and irresponsible for anyone to claim that there is a consensus on these important issues. Many salient questions remain open, while more are being discovered and reported by independent scientists in the international scientific literature. Indeed answering of some key public interest questions based on such research have been left neglected for years by the huge imbalance in research funding, against thorough biosafety research and in favour of the commercial-scientific promotion of the technology.'"

Find the full background article from Sustainable Pulse – including complete signed statement and list of signatories here.

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Ten Reasons Why Organic is Worth Every Penny.

     From the first family of American organic advocates and pioneers comes this excellent piece on why organic is important and why organic is worth the price. Written by Maria Rodale the article appeared this week in the Huffington Post.
    We can vouch for Maria's #5: "You are supporting families and businesses that are making the world better. I have seen this with my own eyes over and over again. Farm families that thought they would lose their farms because of the fluctuations of commodity milk prices switch to organic and not only save their farms, but also find that they are all healthier and happier as a result. And the companies that help them transition, like Organic Valley, are truly wonderful companies that do great things for their farmers, their customers, their employees, and the whole community."

We think you will also like Maria's nine other reasons to go Organic. Find the Huff Post article here.

Jim & Megan

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Maria Rodale. Carrying on the tradition started by grandfather J.I. Rodale who started Organic Gardening magazine in 1930.

Edmund Burke. Encouraging responsibility.
 Notable Quotes: Edmund Burke on Reticent Men.

     "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

- Edmund Burke
1729 - 1797

Recipe: Smother-Fried Garlic Potatoes.

3-4 medium potatoes, such as Butte
1/4 lb. butter 
1 minced, peeled large garlic clove
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup cold water
1. Peel 3-4 russet potatoes, cut lengthwise into thick wedges, and set aside. Melt the butter in a large cast-iron or heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-low heat. Add potatoes and garlic clove, and stir until potatoes are well coated with butter and garlic. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
2. Pour 1/4 cup cold water over potatoes, cover skillet with a tight-fitting lid, and smother-fry, stirring occasionally, until potatoes are very tender when pierced with a fork, but not falling apart, about 45 minutes.


A Delicious Autumn Dish.

Photo by Angela Wotton.

Wood Prairie Farm Chantenay Carrots. Leaves Modern day carrots light years behind.

Special Offer: FREE Organic French Chantenay Carrots.

     It is with both elation and relief that we have concluded Harvest today by getting in the last crop – our organic  French Chantenay Carrots .  This is a wonderful old variety and if you have not yet tasted Chantenays you really must do so. These incredible carrots have been sweetened by October’s frosty mornings.
     Now here's your chance to earn a FREE (Value $11.95) –2 lbs Sack of Organic French Chantenay Carrots - when the goods on your next order totals $45 or more.  FREE 2 lbs Sack of Organic French Chantenay Carrots offer ends Midnight on Monday, October 28, 2013, so better hurry!

     Please use Promo Code WPF1160. Your order and FREE 2 lbs Sack of Organic French Chantenay Carrots must ship by 3/14/14. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Please call or click today!

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Our Mailbox: Beautiful Potatoes, Faulty Products, Corn Isolation, Academic Integrity, Premium Increases.

Beautiful Potatoes.

Dear WPF.

     Another batch of beautiful WPF's potatoes headed for the oven! We should be set for potatoes through December! Love you folks and the example you set as farmers. Keep fighting the good fight!!

Eaglevile, PA

WPF Replies.

     Looks like you are all set for a nice supper.

Jim & Megan

Culpability for Faulty Products.

Dear WPF.

     Why not go after the individuals who are planting GM? They know full well the devastating consequences on organic crops, yet they continue with their deal with the devil himself. Isn't it time to hold them accountable?

Brooklyn, NY

WPF Replies.

     The failed technology of GE crops is owned in whole by the patent holders and manufacturers like Monsanto. Their product is faulty because when farmers use it according to instruction it causes detrimental effects to the food system, the environment and rural communities. The culpability is entirely with the manufacturers who have brought their faulty invention to the market. In addition, because of monopoly control of the seed supply, farmers growing many commodity crops including soy, cotton and sugar beets have virtually no choice or availability of seed besides the GE versions which the monopolists offer to the market.


Sufficient Corn Isolation.

Dear WPF.

     Hi Jim, question for you. What impact would surrounding GMO corn have on my Sugar Enhanced hybrid sweet corn as far as "eatibility?" What would a reasonable buffer look like? I am not interested in saving seed. Thanks!

Stacyville ME

WPF Replies.

     Isolation from other corn is necessary for purity in the corn one grows. Your hybrid sweet corn grown in close proximity to a non-GE dry corn - say a dent or a flour corn - would receive some level of pollination from the starchy neighbor and it would be identifiable/noticeable as individual cross-pollinated kernels on your cobs which would be less sweet/more starchy. Neighboring GE corn, of course, would also contribute GE pollen which would also affect the corn you grow to eat. So then the question becomes, "What isolation distance is sufficient?" Reccomended minimum isolation for seed corn is 660'-1320'. The standard  rule of thumb for avoiding GE contamination in seed production is to increase that minimum isolation by a factor of 2x-3x. What isolation distance makes you comfortable comes down to your philosophy and how critical it is to you to avoid GE content in your plate of sweet corn. One hundred foot isolation  is certainly better than 10'. And one thousand feet isolation is far safer than either of those two shorter distances. 


Lack of Academic Integrity.

Dear WPF.

     Union of Concerned Scientists' response to Pam Ronald attack. How can they call themselves scientists if they accept the short term studies provided by Big Ag scientists?! Just crazy.

World Wide Web

WPF Replies.

     The beginning of academic integrity would be for the attackers to make FULL discolsure of their personal financial interests in potential conflict, as well as Biotech and Big Ag funding of their departments and colleges. I believe the knowledge gained from this transparency would provide remarkable clarity as to these 'scientists' real motivation.


Price Premium Increases.

Dear WPF.

     Is it true that European countries accept imports of American GMO grain?

World Wide Web

WPF Replies.

     It is true that in many countries where food for humans is required to be labeled as genetically engineered, that there is no such requirement that grains and pulses (like soy) destined for animal feed be similarly labeled. The reality, then, is that in the vast majority of cases when, say, (unlabeled) soybeans are imported from the USA - since 90% of the American soy crop is GE - it is almost certain those soybeans for animal feed will in fact be GE. Certified Organic food and feed is the exception from this generalization since GE is considered an excluded method under USDA National Organic Program regulations. Additionally, some American farmers do grow and supply IP (Identity Preserved) non-organic, non-GE grains/pulses for specific export markets but this is a relatively small niche. It should be noted, the market price premium for IP grains and beans is continuing to increase because of unmet demand. This is the market speaking.


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