Harvest Winding Down. Shipping Picking Up. October 17, 2013
       Adirondack Blue. New Addition to our Wood Prairie Family.  After evaluating Adirondack Blue for five consecutive growing seasons, we have concluded it meets our high standards as an exceptional potato variety.  As a successful graduate of our Variety Trials, we have now added it to our permanent listings as both an excellent potato variety to grow and also to cook and prepare in the kitchen.  If you have never tried Adirondack Blue we encourage you to do so.  We’ll make it easy with our FREE offer below.
    We finished harvesting our organic potato crop – both Certified Seed and Kitchen Potatoes - last week on Friday night.  Since then we have harvested and put into storage our crops of Organic Beets and Organic Parsnips, both now ready to ship for  use in your kitchen.  Next week we hope to finish up Harvest by digging all of our Organic Chantenay Carrots.
    Of late we’ve been working on writing our new Wood Prairie Farm mail order catalog and getting it ready for the printer.  One of our new items is the Organic Patriotic Potato Container Growing Kit which allows you to grow a colorful and delicious crop of red-white-and-blue potatoes just about anywhere.  We think it will be a fun gift for the friend or relative you want to introduce to the joys of growing organic food.

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Special Offer: FREE Sack of Adirondack Blue Potatoes!

     We think you will enjoy our new delicious potato variety, Adirondack Blue.

     Here's your chance to earn a FREE 2 lbs Sack of Adirondack Blue ($13.95) for cooking in your kitchen with your next purchase of $40 or more. FREE 2 lbs Sack of Adirondack Blue ends at midnight on Monday, October 21.

     Please use Promo Code WPF1160. Your order and FREE 2lbs Sack of Adirondack Blue must ship by 04/02/14. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Please call or click today!

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NEW! Organic Patriotic Container Growing Kit.
Allows you to grow red-white-and-blue organic potatoes in Smart Bags just about anywhere with ease. Get Details Here.
Organic Gourmet Gifts

Our Organic Gourmet Gifts are perfect for the organic friend in your life. Many of our gifts come presented in neat, handcrafted containers and all contain delicious recipes. Check out our entire selection of organic gourmet gifts. And if you aren't sure what to get, a Wood Prairie Farm Gift Certificate is the perfect answer.

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Organic Maine Certified
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Maine Saturday Night Special
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Serve your holiday guests mouth-watering warm slices of fresh organic bread which you baked yourself in our new Home Bakery Virtuoso Zojirushi Bread Machine. Whether you're making your own holiday treats this season or gifting others, our organic organic baking mixes, bread mixes, and cooking supplies make great gifts for the those who like to "make their own".

Acadian Buckwheat Pancake Mix

Acadian Buckwheat
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Zojirushi Breadmachine
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