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Friday June 06, 2014

Fresh Air For Congress?

Maine Voters Could Send a Logger From the Allagash to the U.S. Congress.

     Next Tuesday, June 10, Maine voters will hold their Democratic Primary. Running as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives – District 2 (the northern ¾ of Maine) is a logger from our end of the State. Come Tuesday, we will be supporting and voting for one of our own: logger and Senator Troy Jackson.

     Troy Jackson is the salt-of-the-earth populist and lifelong resident from the woods of Allagash located in extreme northern Aroostook County. Learn what Troy stands for by viewing this powerful MUST WATCH  You Tube video (17:01) of Troy’s speech filmed last week.  You will then see for yourself that Troy is the kind of leader the United States needs to have representing hard-working middle class families in Washington, D.C.  Troy is authentic.  He is cut from a different cloth than the lawyers and millionaires which now overrun the Congress.

     Troy’s life as a logger has shaped him with first-hand experience of the effects of out-of-state corporations exploiting families and communities for their own self interest.  Throughout his life, he has been an unapologetic vocal champion of the working class. Upon election to office, Troy rose through the ranks and earned the respect of his peers to become Majority Leader in the citizen Maine Senate. One year ago when our Congressman Mike Michaud - paper mill worker from East Millinocket - decided to challenge in 2014 incumbent Tea Party Governor Paul LePage, the Second District Congressional seat opened up. Troy decided to make the effort to follow in Mike's footsteps and represent Maine.

     As Co-Chair of the joint legislative Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF) Committee, Troy played a pivotal role in getting Maine's GMO Label law passed.  Jim worked with Troy last year on that GMO Label law. Troy can't be bought and he will always relentlessly fight for what he believes best serves the interests of working people.  View Troy’s recent debate on Maine Public Television here.

     In the end, the most important qualities for any candidate are depth of character, honesty and a steadfast commitment to protect those who are politically weak and without a voice. In this way, few are as well qualified as Troy Jackson.

     Troy is an exceptional and courageous leader this country needs to have in Washington. That's why we are supporting Troy Jackson for U.S. Congress and we hope you will, too.

     How You Can Help Troy Jackson Get Elected:

          • If you are in Maine’s Second District, please vote on Tuesday - and bring a friend to the polls with you.

          • If you are outside, and have friends or family in Maine forward this letter, or share the above image on Facebook, or click here for a link you can share. And encourage them to vote and spread the word for Troy.

          • As the underdog, Troy is being outspent and is paddling upstream.  If you are able, please donate to Troy’s Campaign TODAY so his well-organized get-out-the-vote effort on Tuesday will be even more effective. Remember, in low turnout elections, polls can be trumped by those individuals highly motivated to show up and vote!

     Thanks, folks.  Helping Troy Jackson helps us all.

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