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                       Friday April 12, 2013

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     A Different Life in Maine.

    Home in the Woods. Address Unknown.
     Maine Tales.                             The Maine Woods Hermit Burglar.                  North Pond, Maine. Circa 1986. 

     By jumpins, it must have come as one awful shock to Christopher’s mother.

     In any other year, folks up this way in Maine might well have been preoccupied this week with the predicted late Winter snowstorm not just now kicking in that’s expected to drop Northern Maine half a foot of heavy snow.  But the fact is, the entire State of Maine  has been a buzz with the reappearance – make that the arrest – of the Hermit Burglar who has been living alone, undetected, year-round in a tarp encampment in the Maine woods for the last 27 years.

     When twenty year old Christopher Knight up and disappeared without a trace in 1986 from his home in Fairfield, Maine - no note, no call - it was certainly a queer thing.  In time, the worst came to be assumed.  And while Maine was tending her potato crops and  lobster traps and chainsaws and skidders and ice fishing lines and herring nets and snowplows,  no one imagined that one among us was living in solitude, no more than ten miles from Waterville. He was gaining his sustenance by gently breaking into Summer camps – what we call cabins here in Maine - and stealing the necessities of his life: food, liquor, batteries and the occasional propane barbeque tank. The fact is Christopher never ever built a wood fire for fear his hidden lair would be discovered from the fire’s smoke.

     Christopher is thought to be responsible for a thousand break-ins – that’s almost one per week over his 27 year habitation.  He is thought to have burgled at night and was always predisposed to enter empty camps by an unlocked window and he carefully locked up when leaving. He took no money, just the bare essentials he needed to live.  When Christopher was arrested at Pine Tree Camp, he was wearing boots identified as having been stolen five years ago.  The discovery of those familiar boots was the first hint this was no simple burglary. Truth be told, the arresting game warden was just the second person Christopher had spoken to in 27 years of his solitary life.

     If you’d like to learn more details about Maine’s Hermit Burglar and see his photo, the Bangor paper did an awful good writeup the other day which a feller could find here.

 Jim & Megan Gerritsen & Family
 Wood Prairie Farm
 Bridgewater, Maine
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Rep. Lance Harvel (R-Farmington). Primary sponsor of LD 718.

Universal Support for Maine's GMO Labeling Bill.

     Maine residents and supporters of LD 718, Maine’s Right to Know GMO Labeling bill are gearing up for the public hearing to be held at the State Capitol in Augusta on Tuesday April 23.  Accompanying this historic event will be an outdoor rally and press conference organized by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and its grassroots coalition.  If you are in or near Maine please join us in Augusta and bring your friends!
     What makes Maine's fight for Right to Know GMO legislation unique among the 50 states is the universal perception within food-centric Maine that passage is absolutely demanded by truth and justice.  Recent scientific polling has documented that an incredible 95% of Mainers want to know if their food is GMO and 91% of Mainers support GMO labeling legislation.  The massive support spans the entire state and holds true across all demographic categories:  rich/poor, north/south, Tea Party/Progressive, Democrat/Republican, rural/urban, Christian Right/Spiritual Left. This vast popular unanimity is also reflected in the fact that LD 718 has the unprecedented bi-partisan support 123 co-sponsors (out of a Legislature of just 35 Senators and 151 Representatives) stretching from Kittery to the Allagash.
     Basic truthfulness in business demands that GMO products be labeled so that families can decide for themselves whether or not to purchase food made from GMOs.  The concerns over GMOs and their uncertainty distill into and conclude with Mainer's universal belief of their Right to Know.
  Maine often finds itself ahead of the curve on pressing issues. Years ago Maine with its keen environmental awareness pioneered bottle-return and billboard-ban laws despite heavy out-of-state industry opposition. The big question which remains now is will Monsanto tentacles be able to overturn the will of the Maine people.  Monsanto recently flaunted its disrespect for our nation’s democratic process when through stealth and secrecy it inserted its unconstitutional Monsanto Protection Act into the nation's emergency financial Continuing Resolution in a move designed to exempt it’s gene-spliced products from judicial review.
     When it comes to those who consider themselves above the law, anything is possible. But the people in Maine are determined.

Jim & Megan

Click here for the latest on the OSGATA et al v. Monsanto lawsuit.

 Quotes to Live By: Mahatma Gandhi

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Wise man. Offering us hope and perspective.

Delightful Parsnip Johnny Cakes. Photo by Angela Wotton.
Recipe: Parsnip Johnny Cakes
2 c Milk
1 Large egg
1/2 c Pre-cooked parsnip, chopped or coins
12 Leaves fresh sage
2 T Butter
Mix dry ingredients. Beat eggs well, add milk and combine the two mixtures. Add the tablespoon of maple syrup, along with the parsnips. Melt the butter in a cast iron skillet and fry the fresh sage leaves until crispy. Remove sage leaves and set aside. Spoon pancake batter onto pan and place a fried sage leaf on the top of each pancake. Turn when bubbly, and brown your Johnny cakes on the flip side. Enjoy as a main meal or a savory side dish.


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Dark Red Norland. Reliable early red.
Our Mailbox: Despot Battles, 100% Organic Potatoes and the Global Cause.

Battle of the Out of Touch Despots.

Dear WPF.

     Thought you'd like to see this comparison of Facebook Likes between Monsanto and Kim Jong-Un. North Korea at 54,552 Likes beats Monsanto with just 17,703.

World Wide Web

WPF Replies.

     Numbers don't lie. Nothing here to add except one question. Monsanto has 22,000 employees. Did 4,300 just not get the memo?


Our Potatoes are 100% Organic.

Dear WPF.

     These days it's hard to find truly organic product in the city food markets. And the word organic doesn't have much meaning these days. Over the internet, sites use trickery to get you to buy their products by way of word manipulation. If you would clarify for me that this sentence is 100% accurate. "Our potatoes are 100% Organic." As in, if I were to leave one out of the refrigerator for a week, it would actually start growing. Unlike the Organic ones from the super markets. Thanking you in advance.

World Wide Web

WPF Replies.

     We have been MOFGA certified organic for 31 years. When we say our potatoes are 100% organic we mean that the potatoes we sell are what we grow on our organic farm in Maine and that everything we grow - including 100% of our potatoes - is organic. And yes if you put our organic potatoes out at room temperature, in 7-14 days you would see sprouts emerge from the eyes.


Helping With the Global Cause.

Dear WPF.

     Hello! So not only do I purchase Wood Prairie Seed Potatoes every year, I have been following all your Facebook and website posts about OSGATA vs Monsanto. I am interested in learning more about what your involvement with all of that fight is. In Atlanta I am involved in the urban farming movement by growing, volunteering, and buying from the markets. This year I want to become even more involved. And quite honestly, I am interested in specifically helping with the global cause against Monsanto. Can you recommend a way I can do that in Atlanta? Is there any way I can help you from Atlanta? Thank you for all you do. I look forward to hearing from you.

Atlanta GA

WPF Replies.

     Here are some ideas. Helping create a market alternative to the world according to Monsanto is doing a lot. Keep promoting the independence which organic seed and organic food represents. Help spread the word about the rights and issues involved in OSGATA et al v. Monsanto. Support good GMO labeling. Support access to farming for new, beginner and military veteran farmers. Plant a garden. Start a Community Garden in your neighborhood. Work with teachers and kids to start a garden in your neighborhood's school.
     We're glad you care. Thanks.

Jim& Megan

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