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In This Issue of The Wood Prairie Seed Piece:

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 Spring Thaw.

Boxing Up Wood Prairie Organic Seed Orders on a Sunny Spring Day.

      The weather has shifted and the cold nights and mild days that have made for a good Maple Sap season have now transitioned into warm days which are melting our snow. On a couple of recent sunny days when our warmups into the 50s were accompanied by stiff winds, the snow melted at a rate of a half-foot a day. All of our fields and woods are still 100% covered by snow but that winterlong snow cover is melting fast now as the sun gets higher and higher in the sky.

     In this photo above taken late in the day, Caleb (left) and Justin box up orders which have been assembled by the crew into tubs. Corrugated pallet boxes are filled with boxes of Organic Seed Potatoes headed for the Post Office. At the end of every day on his way south, Rob (at right) backs his Postal Service truck up to the loading dock of our Wood Prairie Packing shed and hauls away the hundreds of orders boxed up that day.

      As Spring marches on, in this issue of the Wood Prairie Seed Piece we share some end-of-Winter Farm Stories about the good life on our Maine family farm. We highlight Special Savings available now for NEW! Organic Sweet Potato Slips which will be shipped en masse in late May when the weather has warmed up nice and to the liking of heat-loving Sweet Potatoes. We also feature two fun and informative Facebook Shorts about Greensprouting Potatoes by talented Master Gardener & Podcaster Jessica McCollum.

     It’s no secret: Wood Prairie Family Farm is 100% Organic and we always have been for going on 50 years. So, you can count on us for ALL your Organic needs, including Organic Seed Potatoes, Organic Sweet Potato Slips, Organic Vegetable Seed, Organic Herb Seed, Organic Flower Seed, Organic Cover Crop Seed, Organic Fertilizer, and Tools and Supplies.

     Thank you so much for your business. Enjoy this wonderful Spring!


Caleb, Jim & Megan Gerritsen & Family
Wood Prairie Family Farm
Bridgewater, Maine



Special Offers! Sweet Potato Slips!


How-To Gardening Resources.

NEW! From Dream to Seed with
Jessica Mccollum

Why Greensprout Potatoes.

Click on Image to Open.

NEW! From Dream to Seed with
Jessica Mccollum

How to Greensprout Potatoes.

Click on Image to Open.


Wood Prairie Family Farm Stories.

Cartons of Organic Seed Potatoes Ready to Ship to Family Farmers. Throughout the Winter we log in orders as they are placed and schedule which week each order should be processed to ship out. The fact is – and this is rare among most seed companies – we actually grow the Organic seed we sell. Our customers have come to learn our supply of Organic Maine Certified Seed Potatoes, while robust is not infinite, so it’s wisest to order early while selection is at its best. We are happy to hold your Potato Seed here in the perfect conditions of our ‘Potato House’ and ship when you need them. Caleb’s father, Jim, pictured here spends his Winters underground in our 38ºF Potato storage. His job is to keep Potatoes graded ahead for the crew to bag up in the upstairs Packing Shed. It’s also his job to maintain a supply of freshly-graded Seed Potatoes in cartons which are ready for shipping at the right time to other family farmers located all across the USA.

The Right Tool for the Right Job. Mechanics, who when young admired 'Monster Trucks' one day grow up and then they have the wherewithal to make their own Monster Trucks. Caleb is a natural mechanic and has been driving since he was five-years-old. After high school he went to the local Community College and earned a degree in Diesel Hydraulics. He has always been a loyal Ford man, and starting out he was particularly fond of Ford Ranger pickup trucks. Over the years Caleb has owned and fixed up countless Ford Rangers. Throughout his high school years he got around by driving one Ranger or another. He also found one Ranger for his sister, Sarah, and located another one for his other sister Amy. Ford Rangers were what the girls drove throughout their high school years. So, it should come as no surprise when some years back Caleb satisfied his Monster Truck itch by monsterizing one of his Ford Rangers. So then this week when a neighbor needed to get into his snowbound cabin, Caleb's Monster Ranger came to the rescue. Driving on top of the snow opens up new possibilities and would sure save a lot of time plowing all the snow we get in Northern Maine.

Another Maine Day in Snow Country. It’s a good life being a Wood Prairie Farm Dog. In this photo, two-year-old Rottweiler, ‘Ralph,’ is on the right. Next to him, his best bud, ‘Rudi’ is a Cane Corso who celebrated his first birthday this week. Both dogs are kind and gentle. They each weigh in around 140 pounds and are essentially inseparable. Caleb walks the dogs down with him at 7 am each morning when he goes to work in the Potato Packing Shed or his nearby Quonset Repair Shop. The two dogs will greet the Packing Shed crew and then play outside with seven-year old Great Pyrenees ‘Halle’ until she gets grumpy and grows tired of their youthful shenanigans. The two have earned the right to roam free because they’ve been successfully trained and never wander off the farm. Outside there is always time to play in the snow, chase sticks or accompany someone out taking a quiet walk noontime or at the end of the day. They often will migrate over to the Wood Prairie office - connected to the packing shed - and excitedly welcome (and re-welcome) all the different faces of the sitting down young-and-old folks who work in there. Experience has taught them that the office is also a good place to stretch out on the floor and nap in front of the heater..


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