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I can’t wipe this Stupid Grin off my face.

We thought we'd offer this link to a recent first person article written about the Aroostook County Maine potato harvest. "Seven days a week, all hours the sun shines and so many hours it doesn't, you sort, dig, pick and handle potatoes…This is harvest and there's work to be done…" Our own Wood Prairie Aroostook potato harvest ended Thursday evening as the rain began. It's been rainy and wet ever since and we're grateful to be done. Happy World Food Day everyone. Jim & Megan

I can’t wipe this Stupid Grin off my face.

Harvest in Aroostook County has a long-standing tradition of making honest young men out of gangly, pimply-faced boys and strong, hard-working young women out of teenaged girls. Harvest in Aroostook County can be a turning point for many young people, a serious of pivotal moments, usually occurring…


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Welcome to the Wood Prairie Farm Information Center

Welcome to the Wood Prairie Farm Information Center. On this site you will find a lot of information. The main feature of this site is the latest information on the Monsanto Lawsuit. Coming in the next few days we will also have a recipes section so we can share our favorite recipes with everyone. We are currently working on a few more features that we look forward to bringing you through this site.


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