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REVISITING ‘RURAL HARVEST’ BY PHOTOGRAPHER LOTTIE HEDLEY. ‘Rural Harvest’ ( is a collection of photos taken on our farm by New Zealand photographer Lottie Hedley while she stayed with us during our Wood Prairie Potato Harvest in Fall 2010. The representative shot below of seven-year-old Amy (Caleb’s sister) and came to be known among us all as ‘The Russian Photo’ due to the Revolutionary zeal it seems to portray.
As becomes obvious, Lottie is extremely talented and possesses a rare rural perspicacity which contributes to making her photographs authentic. She grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Wairarapa, New Zealand. Right in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis she had had enough and opted to follow her heart come what may. She quit her grueling job as a corporate lawyer doing Mergers & Acquisitions work in London, to pursue her passion of becoming a photographer and visual storyteller. She ended up studying at Maine Media Workshops on the coast. Then, we became an early Lottie project.
You may find this in-depth Lottie interview ( from seven years ago interesting. It offers insight into the life of this creative artist. Caleb, Megan & Jim