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WOOD PRAIRIE WEATHER REPORT. Weekend rains that began Friday evening in Aroosto…

WOOD PRAIRIE WEATHER REPORT. Weekend rains that began Friday evening in Aroostook County left us with a total of 3.35″ of rain recorded in our weather station. Interestingly, we have concluded that our manual rain guage relics are less accurate and consistently have been overestimating rain events for years by about 15%.
Kenyon – over in Dyer Brook (influenced by Katahdin) – received over 5″ this weekend.
Including Tropical Storm Henri (which deposited 1.66″ of rain), in the last 35 days we’ve had 10.36″ of rain.
We’ll have to let things dry out before we can get back to digging potatoes. Thankfully with five good days of digging last week we harvested potatoes from the lowest ground and what’s left to dig are rows on the highest ground on the farm in full sun away from the shade of trees.
By historical comparison, in June 2011 we received 10″ of rain in the week following completion of planting. In 2012 we had 11″ of rain in the last three days of June (Houlton received 14″). Then in 2013 during planting in May & June we got 10″ of rain. Since 2013 we have been trending dry during the farming season.
Temperature-wise this September has been remarkably mild with especially high overnight lows. We’ve dropped into the high 30s just three times and have yet to have a frost. This means that whenever the frost arrives (Tuesday night?) it will be the latest First Fall Frost we’ve ever experienced in 45 years of farming. Caleb, Megan & Jim