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Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

MONSANTO MANEUVERS TO OBSTRUCT MEXICO'S PLANNED BAN ON GLYPHOSATE & GE CROPS. Monsanto plays dirty in its self-serving efforts to preserve profits and keep the world enslaved on its lucrative chemical treadmill.
This NEW excellent investigative report by 'The Guardian' reveals and documents Monsanto's relentless collusion with the U.S. government to strong arm countries like Mexico and Thailand against banning Monsanto's deadly herbicide Glyphosate ('Roundup').
The IARC, the scientific arm of the WHO (World Health Organization) declared in 2015 Glyphosate was a "probable human carcinogen."
What we learned from suing Monsanto in 'OSGATA et al v. Monsanto' was to never, ever believe a word Monsanto says. This expose' provides valuable evidence of unrepentant Monsanto malevolence. Jim

"Internal government emails reveal Monsanto owner Bayer AG and industry lobbyist CropLife America have been working closely with US officials to pressure Mexico into abandoning its intended ban on glyphosate, a pesticide linked to cancer that is the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkillers.

"The moves to protect glyphosate shipments to Mexico have played out over the last 18 months, a period in which Bayer was negotiating an $11bn settlement of legal claims brought by people in the US who say they developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma due to exposure to the company’s glyphosate-based products.

"The pressure on Mexico is similar to actions Bayer and chemical industry lobbyists took to kill a glyphosate ban planned by Thailand in 2019…

"The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has given farmers until 2024 to stop using glyphosate. On 31 December, the country published a 'final decree' calling not only for the end of the use of glyphosate but also a phase-out of the planting and consumption of genetically engineered corn, which farmers often spray with glyphosate, a practice that often leaves residues of the pesticide in finished food products.

"The moves are for the 'purpose of contributing to food security and sovereignty' and 'the health of Mexican men and women', according to the Mexican government…

"The emails reviewed by the Guardian come from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) and other US agencies. They detail worry and frustration with Mexico’s position. One email makes a reference to staff within López Obrador’s administration as 'vocal anti-biotechnology activists', and another email states that Mexico’s health agency (Cofepris) is 'becoming a big time problem'…

"By March, Mexico’s actions on glyphosate and genetically engineered crops needed 'urgent attention', according to a letter sent from Chris Novak, CropLife president, to Robert Lighthizer, USTR’s ambassador, copying the heads of the USDA and the EPA. Mexico’s actions were 'incompatible with Mexico’s obligations under USMCA', according to the CropLife letter.

"CropLife is funded by Bayer and other agrochemical companies…

"Throughout the months of email correspondence, industry executives told US government officials that they feared restricting glyphosate would lead to limits on other pesticides and could set a precedent for other countries to do the same. Mexico may also reduce the levels of pesticide residues allowed in food, industry executives warned.

“'If Mexico extends the precautionary principle' to pesticide residue levels in food, '$20bn in US annual agricultural exports to Mexico will be jeopardized', Novak wrote to US officials…

"CropLife’s Novak told the Guardian that Mexico’s actions to ban glyphosate set 'a dangerous precedent' that ignores farmer needs and 'undermines the integrity of scientific standards as the foundation for global trade'."…/revealed-monsanto-mexico-us-g…

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Internal government emails show actions similar to those by Bayer and lobbyists to kill a proposed ban in Thailand in 2019