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The Future of Food: To fix the food system, fix our democracy

IS FIXING OUR DEMOCRACY KEY TO FIXING OUR FOOD SYSTEM? Iconic food writer Frances Moore Lappe – who wrote 'Diet for a Small Planet' almost 50 years ago – argues YES. Caleb, Megan & Jim

"Fifty years ago, our world was also gripped by fear. Paul Ehrlich’s book 'The Population Bomb' predicted 'mass starvation' on a 'dying planet.' The ensuing scarcity scare triggered a fixation on ever-greater production of food.

"Along the way, agribusinesses have warned that only their seeds and agricultural chemicals could save us. 'Worrying about starving future generations won’t feed them. Food biotechnology will,' declared a 1998 Monsanto ad

"As our fear-driven vision narrowed, we continued to perceive lack — even when our more-than-ample food supply has kept well ahead of population growth…

"As creatures of the mind, we see the world through frames of meaning that determine what we can see and what we cannot. With a frame fixed on production, we’ve not seen how our global, corporate-driven food system has turned our food supply into a health hazard. Today, noncommunicable diseases account for almost 70 percent of deaths — and diet is implicated in most of them…

"It soon becomes clear that, as was true a half century ago, today people go hungry not from lack of food but from lack of power — the power to access food and the land to grow it…

"This is a lot easier when we team up — just as millions of courageous Americans are discovering, as today they step out together to demand deep, systemic reforms."

The Future of Food: To fix the food system, fix our democracy

The Future of Food from @GlobeIdeas: What we eat, where it comes from, and how we get it are being reimagined like never before. Our food can be tastier, more accessible, and healthier for us and the planet.