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The Impact of COVID-19 on the EU Seed Sector – The Netherlands – Seed World

HOW IS THE SEED INDUSTRY GRAPPLING WITH CHALLENGES FROM COVID 19? Here are two new European 'SeedWorld' reports, this one from Holland and another from Sweden (…/).
The world has evolved a complicated, layered distribution system for getting seed from production fields into the hands of farmers and gardeners who plant that seed to grow their crops.
Yes, the seed system has many warts – including excessive corporate concentration and the calculated nefarious scheme for seed control known as patented GE seed – but this distribution is primal to how our food is grown. Caleb, Megan & Jim

"The sector in The Netherlands is very diverse. The ornamentals sector is hard hit. The famous flower auction is currently destroying some 80% of its produce because it is not sold and retail chains like supermarkets and garden centres all over Europe cancel contracts for bedding plants…

"Challenges in vegetable and field crop seeds relate more to transport and workers. Road transport faces challenges at borders and is related to shortages of drivers and provisions for such drivers when highway restaurants are closed. Hundreds of trucks are on the road until mid-April for seed potato alone; similarly, young vegetable plants are on their way to customers all over Europe…

"…Whether COVID-19 will result in a shakeout of less resilient growers, thus affecting our customer base, remains to be seen. Similarly, how much seed will remain in the production countries due to transport problems, cannot be predicted."

The Impact of COVID-19 on the EU Seed Sector – The Netherlands – Seed World

Editor’s Note: The following is an article from our sister publication, European Seed. Interview with Niels Louwaars, Managing Director at the Dutch Seed Association Plantum NL, date 24 March 2020 European Seed (ES): Niels, how are you and your team doing under COVID-19? Niels Louwaars (NL): We h…