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Economic fallout from coronavirus is also hitting farmers

HOW ARE FARMERS FARING IN THE CURRENT CRISIS? This report from the 'Minneapolis Star Tribune' offers a glimpse into crisis challenges being faced by farmers.
Importantly, here's where the government MUST ACT NOW: grocery stores are being considered as "Critical Services." Since food comes from farms, that 'Critical Service' designation MUST IMMEDIATELY be extended to farms, Farmers Markets and farm workers. Spread the word!
We can attest that seed sales are very strong, led by increased numbers of people wanting to plant their own "Victory Gardens." Planting a home garden is a GREAT idea and private sector work is underway to help this effort.
Anecdotally, we have received two reports from organic seed companies who have been experiencing increased sales in the area of 180-300%.
Stay safe! Caleb, Megan & Jim

"The beef cattle market has collapsed in the past two months. Milk demand is threatened by school closures. Pork prices remain stubbornly low…

"Milk prices also had rallied toward the end of 2019, but they have dropped almost 20% since mid-December."

Economic fallout from coronavirus is also hitting farmers

Dairy prices also suffering, could get worse if schools close, lowering demand.