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JUSTICE SERVED IN 'ECOLOGICAL DISASTER' TRIAL! MONSANTO-MALIGNED MISSOURI PEACH FARMER AWARDED MASSIVE $265 MILLION AWARD IN LANDMARK DICAMBA-DRIFT LAWSUIT. The jury in this blockbuster federal lawsuit has ordered malicious Monsanto to pay $265 Million in damages to Bill & Denise Bader – owners of Missouri's largest Peach Orchard – after repeated 'Dicamba'-herbicide drift events destroyed crops and brought the farmers to the edge of financial ruin.
In ordering payment of $250 Million in PUNITIVE damages, the jury accepted the Bader legal team's assertions that Monsanto had engaged in a jaw-dropping extortion-marketing-scheme in which reluctant soy and cotton farmers were cynically bullied into purchasing Monsanto's GE Dicamba-resistant seed lest their own crops also be decimated from notorious volatilized-Dicamba-drift.
When combined with the to-date three unanimous Roundup-cancer jury verdict losses & 40,000 remaining Roundup lawsuits, this stunning Dicamba verdict serves as a clear indictment of Monsanto (merged with Bayer in a hapless and transparent attempt to make itself disappear from public scrutiny) as nothing short of a soul-less, on-going criminal enterprise which continues to threaten citizens and the environment. Jim

"The legal challenge was the first dicamba suit to go to trial and was brought forth by Bill and Denise Bader, owners of Bader farms. Dicamba is produced by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018.

"Mr. Bader's suit challenged (pdf) Monsanto's 'willful and negligent release of a defective crop system—namely its genetically modified Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and Bollgard II Xtend cotton seeds ('Xtend crops')—without an accompanying, EPA-approved dicamba herbicide'…

"The Baders, who did not use dicamba, said they lost over 30,000 trees due to Monsanto's actions, as journalist Carey Gillam wrote earlier this month:

"Bader claims Monsanto sold GMO dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton seeds despite knowing the actions would trigger chemical damage to farm fields that were not planted with the new seeds. The intent, the Bader Farms' lawsuit alleges, was to induce farmers to buy the specialty seeds as a means to prevent crop damage from herbicide drift coming from neighboring farmers who were planting the GMO crops and spraying them with dicamba.

"Testing showed that leaves of his dying peach trees carried traces of dicamba. The 5,000-acre family farm, which produced 5 million to 6 million pounds of peaches annually along with corn, soybeans, various berries, apples, and tomatoes, is now struggling to survive, according to Bader.

"The jury sided with Bader Farms on Friday and awarded them $15 million in damages, as St. Louis Public Radio reported:

""Monsanto and BASF were found liable for negligent design of the products and negligent failure to warn regarding the products. The jury also found that the two companies created a joint venture to manufacture and sell dicamba-resistant seed and low-volatility herbicides, and that they conspired to create an 'ecological disaster' to increase profits.'

"The jury followed up Saturday with a determination that Monsanto and BASF pay $250 million in punitive damages."