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Dicamba on trial: Monsanto officials limited testing on its own plots | The Counter

NEW JAW-DROPPING ACCUSATIONS & REVELATIONS IN MONSANTO 'DICAMBA' HERBICIDE DRIFT TRIAL: MALEVOLENT MONSANTO RIGGED TESTS & PAPERWORK TO FOOL 'EPA' REGULATOR. Brand new powerful revelations of Monsanto multiple misdeeds in the landmark federal lawsuit by Missouri's largest Peach farmer Bill Bader whose farm is "on the verge of collapse" thanks to repetitive deadly Dicamba herbicide drift onto his susceptible Peach orchards. Was the trespassing drift by design?
Did Monsanto use intentional herbicide drift as as a form of extortion to force GE Soy & GE Cotton farmers to buy its Dicamba-Resistant GE seed or face chemical annihilation of their crops?
'The Counter' formerly called 'New Food Economy' presents this insightful article written by truth advocate 'The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.' Caleb, Megan & Jim

"But knowing federal regulators were paying attention to the new weed killer’s potential to contaminate other fields, the company decided to 'pull back' on testing to allow Dicamba to have a 'clean slate,' according to an email from Dr. Tina Bhakta, who, in her role as global chemistry expansion lead for Monsanto, was responsible for obtaining EPA registration for the weed killer…

"Together, the new dicamba-tolerant crops and accompanying herbicide were to be the largest biotechnology launch in Monsanto history…

"Bader Farms, which says it is no longer a sustainable business because of off-target movement of dicamba harming its orchards, alleges that the companies released their dicamba-tolerant systems intentionally to create drift issues in order to increase their profits. The lawsuit is one of many filed by farmers against the companies over the issue…

"'Hahaha difficulty in producing enough product for field testing. Hahaha bullshit,' Sandbrink wrote in an April 11, 2015, email discussed in court on Thursday….

"In a February 2015 email, Martino-Catt wrote they had gotten a 'clear message” from the executive team “that we must do everything we can to get the registration.'

"'Sometimes,” Martino-Catt wrote, 'this means not having all the paperwork in place.'

"Bhakta replied with a smiley face."

Dicamba on trial: Monsanto officials limited testing on its own plots | The Counter

The company used a variety of methods to avoid independent testing of its controversial herbicide, according to court testimony.