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ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS: DAY ONE OF MONSANTO 'DICAMBA' TRIAL UNMASKS INTERNAL DOCUMENTS & EXPECTATIONS OF DRIFT PROBLEMS. Our experience after having launched our 'OSGATA et al v. Monsanto' federal lawsuit nine years ago is that you can never take ANYTHING Monsanto says publicly at face value.
The reason Monsanto has the deserved distinction of being the world's most hated corporation is that they are relentlessly public-relations-driven baloney manufacturers. Their concocted 'public image' departs so far and so egregiously from reality that the world has now become remarkably alert to Monsanto duplicity. Jim

"For years, Monsanto and BASF have been blaming alleged crop damage from the weed killer dicamba on other factors, including weather, other pesticides and applicator misuse.

But on the first day of a civil trial in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri in Cape Girardeau on Monday, internal company documents presented in opening arguments showed that both companies were warned about the herbicide‚Äôs potential to damage other crops. Documents also showed the companies prepared for complaints about the weed killer prior to the new genetically modified crop systems being released…

"Bader Farms, the largest peach farm in Missouri, is on the brink of collapse because of a situation 'entirely foreseen and foreseeable' by Monsanto and BASF, said Billy Randles, the lead attorney for Bader. Randles was the first attorney to give his opening argument, after the jury was selected Monday morning."