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The EU must not de-regulate gene-edited crops and foods

A WISE CHALLENGE TO INDUSTRIAL AG BIOTECH LOBBYISTS RELENTLESS PUSH TO WATER DOWN EURO GMO REGS. Molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Antinou has the highest integrity and is fully informed on the matter of GMOs. His defense of the public interest is welcome and insightful.
This common sense article by Dr. Antinou warns of the risky situation being pushed hard by the powerful and self-serving Biotech lobby. Jim

"Some members of the outgoing European Commission want to change the EU legislation on genetically modified (GM) foods and crops to accommodate the products of new gene-editing techniques, often called 'new plant breeding techniques' or NBTs…

"It appears that these Commissioners are supporting a years-long lobbying push by the agbiotech lobby to remove or weaken the usual safeguards applied to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) when it comes to products from new gene-editing techniques.

"If the lobby gets its way, gene-edited crops and products could be rushed to market with no safety checks and potentially no labelling…

"But the truth is that gene-editing tools are still far from perfect. Research shows that they are not as precise as is claimed, nor are their outcomes predictable. They produce many unintended effects, not only at “off-target” sites but also at the intended gene-edited site…

"This is the reasonable 'middle way' that the new Commission should embrace. It’s not a ban on these technologies, but equally, it is not the extreme free-for-all that the agbiotech lobby wants. Crucially, it is true to science and puts public and environmental safety before company profits."

The EU must not de-regulate gene-edited crops and foods

Some members of the outgoing EU Commission and the agbiotech lobby want the regulations governing genetically modified crops and foods relaxed or scrapped to open markets for gene-edited products. But this goes against the science underpinning the technology and could put the public and environment….