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Timber company moving away from spraying herbicide on northern forests, but insists it’s safe | CBC News

MORE GLYPHOSATE-FOREST-SPRAYING GOING ON – WITHOUT PERMISSION – IN NORTHERN ONTARIO. Today's post is a compliment to yesterday's piece about an ethical opponent of forest Glyphosate herbicide spraying "mysteriously" losing his job as a scientist in New Brunswick, Canada.
Now it turns out Glyphosate forest spraying is going on in the forests of Northern Ontario, much to the surprise of local First Nation stewards and other residents. Jim

"For Gerry Vautour it started with complaints from his customers.

"'I had bear hunters up here at the time and these helicopters flew over top of them and were spraying on them,' remembers the owner of East Bull Lake Wilderness Resort north of Massey…

"Vautour, now 75, has prostate cancer and doctors are worried it might be spreading to his thyroid.

"He wonders if it's related to the spraying, but he doesn't know…

"When he first heard about the spraying all those years ago, one of the first people Vautour told was his friend Raymond Owl, an elder from Sagamok First Nation.

"Both men have heard stories about trees and blueberries suddenly dying in the bush and have noticed a disturbing absence of animal life in areas that have been sprayed with glyphosate.

"The 76-year-old Owl has been lobbying both governments through the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders group.

"After not getting anywhere with federal and provincial bureaucrats, Owl says his group is planning to file a lawsuit against Canada for violating the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850…

"He says the government did not consult First Nations living along the North Shore of Lake Huron before it began spraying this chemical on their forests.

"'It's still our land. We never sold it. We just gave you a right to live here. That's all you got. But you don't have authority what you do to our land,' says Owl.

"'First Nations doesn't want any chemical at all. If it kills one little bug, one blade of grass, that's too much.'"

Timber company moving away from spraying herbicide on northern forests, but insists it’s safe | CBC News

The debate over the aerial spraying of a herbicide called glyphosate is heating up this summer in northern Ontario. Some believe it's killing more than plants and it seems their lobbying is starting to pay off.