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Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

NEW STUDY INDICATES PLANTING-OF-TREES ON AVAILABLE LAND COULD REDUCE CO2 IN THE ATMOSPHERE BY 25%. "The authors say this is the most effective climate change solution available to the world right now."
We're talking a big area equivalent to the USA in size. Trees are a technology we all know and could get behind. Jim

"The ability of trees to soak up carbon dioxide has long made them a valuable weapon in the fight against rising temperatures…

"The problem has been that accurate estimates of just how many trees the world can support have been hard to come by.

"This new report aims to show not just how many trees can be grown, but where they could be planted and how much of an impact they would have on carbon emissions…

"Using the mapping software of the Google Earth engine they were able to develop a predictive model to map the global potential for tree cover.

"They found that excluding existing trees, farmland and urban areas, the world could support an extra 0.9bn hectares (2.22bn acres) of tree cover."

Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

A controversial study suggests extreme climate change can be averted by planting a billion hectares of trees.