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Organic food is more popular than ever in Denmark

GOOD NEWS STORY: ORGANIC FOOD IS BOOMING IN DENMARK. Hats off to the Danes for prizing the high nutrition and environmental benefits derived from organic farming.
Our week-long tour of organic farms and mills in Denmark in 2010 confirmed that citizens adore organic farmers – with rock-star-status – and organic's stellar protection of the environment (…/The-Maine-Organi…/Spring-2011/Denmark).
We learned the Danish national government has vision and in a commitment to DOUBLE organic production in just ten years was actively investing in critical support infrastructure (including dedicated organic universities, dedicated organic experiment stations and dedicated organic crop advisors).
Imagine for a moment if instead of being an agency under capture by self-serving Industrial Ag – and exhibiting an enduring hatred of organic – our USDA instead followed the lofty example of Denmark and placed the public interest first with a genuine commitment to grow organic farming.
Here's a glimpse which simply converts Danish stats and superimposes them onto America's scale (converting Kroners to Dollars and credits the 57x increase of the USA's 327 Million population to Denmark's 5.75 Million):
1) USA Organic Total Food Sales would be over $85 Billion – DOUBLE what they are now.
2) The subset of USA Organic Fruits and Vegetables would be over $28 Billion – OVER 70% HIGHER than our current $16.5 Billion (2017 figures).
What's more, the Danish government is investing 1.1 Billion Kroner in 2018-2019 to help Danish farmers convert to organic production. Again, converting to American values, this would be the equivalent of USDA spending $7.2 Billion to get America off the chemical treadmill and commit to a bright, organic future. Caleb, Megan & Jim

"Fruit and vegetables are particularly popular as part of a general growth in organic sales, according to new Statistics Denmark figures.

"Total sales of organic food produce increased by 14 percent between 2017 and 2018, reaching a value of 12.9 billion kroner.

"That means Denmark remains the country with the world’s highest proportion of organic food sales.

"'This is evidence that Danish farmers are able to convert to what consumers want, regardless of the type of production in demand,' Kirsten Lund Jensen, head of organic with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), told Ritzau…

"DAFC says that Danish producers are keen to meet the demand for organic amongst consumers by expanding their organic production, or by converting from non-organic…"

Organic food is more popular than ever in Denmark

Consumers in Danish stores are filling their shopping baskets with an increasing amount of organic produce.