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Monsanto hit with staggering $2 billion verdict in Roundup cancer suit

BREAKING NEWS! MONSANTO HIT WITH 'STAGGERING' $2 BILLION GUILTY VERDICT IN ROUNDUP-CANCER-LAWSUIT #3. In the third Roundup-Cancer trial (13,400 more to go), yet another outraged jury – the third in a row – has found Monsanto guilty and financially liable for a California couple's serious health problems.
For decades Monsanto's greed-driven empire has deployed high-powered PR operatives to spread its fairy-dust-hokum about 'serving mankind.' Tellingly, Monsanto has utilized strings-attached-largess to have its way with bought-and-paid-for regulators and members of both the Executive and Legislative branches. Now, Monsanto''s ill will is catching up with them.
Citizen-juries have heard enough and are acting swiftly and decisively to mightily hold Monsanto accountable for its malevolent avarice and self-serving behavior.
It's high time for justice. Deadly 'Roundup' herbicide should immediately be pulled from the market.
Monsanto reminds us, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Jim

"An Oakland jury awarded a staggering $2 billion-plus in damages Monday to a Bay Area couple who both came down with cancer after spraying Monsanto Co.’s widely used Roundup weed killer on their properties for more than 30 years…

"The couple’s lawsuit was among the first of more than 13,000 cases nationwide to go to trial against the agrochemical giant. Monsanto denies that Roundup is dangerous and notes that it has been repeatedly found safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency…

"The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization, classified glyphosate as a probable cause of human cancer in 2015, but it remains legal in the United States and Europe…

"'Juries informed by independent science have repeatedly rejected the Monsanto-promoted myth that glyphosate poses no cancer risks,' Nathan Donley, a scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, said Monday.

"Lawyers for the Pilliods and other plaintiffs offered evidence that Monsanto was in close contact with the Environmental Protection Agency while the government studied glyphosate. They accused the company of 'ghost-writing' scientific studies presented to the federal agency and with working alongside the EPA to undermine the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s criticism.

"In asking the jury for $1 billion in punitive damages last week, plaintiffs’ attorney Brent Wisner said Monsanto makes $892 million a year in profit, and that a huge sum was needed to 'punish the company for 45 years of lying to the public.'"

Monsanto hit with staggering $2 billion verdict in Roundup cancer suit

An Oakland jury finds that Monsanto Co.’s widely used Roundup weed killer caused a husband and wife in their 70s to come down with cancer and awards them more than $2 billion in damages — the third such verdict in the nation, all in the Bay Area.