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Wendell Berry Is Not a Prophet

WENDELL BERRY IS A WISE ELDER FOR ALL OF AMERICA. While he is a farmer, Wendell's wisdom serves to enlighten all of humankind and not just other farmers.
Granted, those of us who 40 years ago read his landmark work, "The Unsettling of America," gained a spot-on prescient crystal ball view into the now accelerating corporate takeover of agriculture.
This piece about Wendell in 'Modern Farmer' from 18 months ago is something we can all enjoy on this Mother's Day.
The coming end of the Fossil-Fuel era may hold big surprises for centralized Industrial Ag, the pendulum may once again swing, and family farmers may regain their rightful places as champions for community. Caleb, Megan & Jim…/as-capitalism-fails-we-need-a-roadm…/

"WENDELL BERRY CELEBRATED his 83rd birthday in August. He is old. But not so old that he can’t kick and spit and fight every force that threatens to destroy his way of life and, thus, his worldview. 'What I stand for is what I stand on,' the seventh-generation Kentucky farmer and urgently prolific scribe wrote in 1980. And, indeed, Berry returns again and again to his hometown of Port Royal (Port William in his fiction). By pledging allegiance to all things local, he has brought global attention to the plight of fragile rural economies and the importance of sustainable agriculture."

Wendell Berry Is Not a Prophet

At 83, America's beloved farmer-philosopher still has plenty to say about how our disregard for the past points us in a destructive direction.