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Hydroponically Grown Produce Threatens Real Organic Agriculture

FRAUDULENT SOIL-LESS CORPORATE-HYDROPONIC-PRODUCTION THREATENS REAL ORGANIC. Over its entire 125-year history, enriching the soil has ALWAYS been the foundation of organic farming. Healthy soil grows healthy plants which are naturally resistant to destructive pressures from insects and disease. Organic food is nutritionally-dense, delicious and healthy. These metrics of high quality are due to organic family farmers' loyal dedication to NURTURING THE SOIL.
The worldwide system known as organic farming UNIVERSALLY acknowledges the central nature of life-giving soil to organic. Importantly, this world view includes provisions which REQUIRE soil stewardship in the landmark Organic Food Production Act (OFPA) of 1990, the Federal law which regulates organic in the USA.
Unfortunately, captive Federal agency USDA conducts business as an outlaw operating under corporate control. Shamefully, USDA has been turning a blind eye to OFPA's soil REQUIREMENTS in a cynical and calculated ruse to place the self-serving interests of Industrial Ag above the law and the public good.
The blitzkrieg invasion of organic by fake soil-less Corporate Hydroponic operations is beng fueled by hundreds of million dollars of Wall Street investments. Their fraudulent and illegal misuse of the word "organic" represents an existential threat to honest organic family farmers and therefore to families wanting continued access to real organic food.
Alison Rose Levy penned this excellent report for 'Truthout.' Caleb, Megan & Jim

“'Organic food is about an entire ecosystem: taking care of the soil, recharging nutrients with crop rotation, [and] providing for natural pollinators and pest control. It is a way for farming, which can often be ecologically destructive, to work with the planet,' writes Dan Nosowitz at Modern Farmer. 'Massive hydroponic and container operations like Driscoll’s do not do that: They are willfully separate from the environment.'"

Hydroponically Grown Produce Threatens Real Organic Agriculture

Calling food grown without soil-based nutrients "organic" amounts to fraud, say organic farmers.