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While Maine will be out-of-luck dealing with our major Nor’easter winter snowstorm, other cloudless areas of North America will be in the prime location to see this rare Total Lunar Eclipse. Jim

“On Sunday evening after dark North America will witness its third, best and last total lunar eclipse – also called a Super Wolf Blood Moon – of a trio that began last January with a Super Blue Blood Moon. It will also be visible in Central and South America and during the early hours of January 21 Western Europe…

“For North America it’s the best positioned total lunar eclipse for years…’It is exceptionally well placed for those in North America,’ he says. ‘A total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety from coast-to-coast across the contiguous (48) United States with totality commencing everywhere before the stroke of midnight.’ Only two other lunar eclipses have done that, in 1968 and 2000.”