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Circa 1890. A team of oxen are used to pack the snow with a large diameter ‘Snowroller.’ In Northern Maine, oxen were replaced by horses – which were faster – in the first decade of the new century.

Automobiles and trucks need a mostly snow-free road on which to operate. In Aroostook County, the changeover to clearing snow off of roadways by “plowing” came after the close of WWII. Cars and trucks would be parked in the Fall and rested unused until after mud-season in the Spring.
Prior to the changeover, snow on roadways was packed in place with snowrollers. This effort would make the snow manageable and facilitate local Winter travel by long sleds and pungs (sleighs). Horses were outfitted with metal caulked-horseshoes when gave them good traction.
Longer distance travel for both potatoes and people was accomplished by railroad. Railroad engines were outfitted with snowplows.
Life and work go on in the Winter in snow country. Jim