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This substantial ‘Medium’ article should qualify for landmark-status (a full read is estimated to be 229-minutes) and is chock-full of substantial insights gained from the vast experiences of pioneering women business leaders.
Each section begins with a description of their personal business trajectory then proceeds to their own nuggets of wisdom.
It’s easy to just read a few entries at a time for those of us who are too busy to read the entirety in a single session. Jim

Jennifer Schwab: ““1. Forgive yourself. I’ve worked in corporate America, the nonprofit sector and currently I’ve taken the entrepreneurial route of founding my own women’s mentorship company, Entity Mag. No matter where I worked one thing was for sure: mistakes happen. Failure at some point, at something, is inevitable. Whether it’s screwing up an account, making a poor hiring decision, or messing up on live TV you can’t be perfect all the time. This can be a tough pill for people to swallow and an important lesson I learned is you simply have to forgive yourself. Learn from your mistake and move on. Otherwise you’ll never get anything done!”

Briana Valdez: “The phrase ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business’ is a complete lie. Business is personal. It’s about people, and interaction, and empathy. It’s about individuals with specific desires and needs, which is a truth that applies to guests, to coworkers and to vendors alike. It’s our job as hospitality professionals to invest time in learning about those desires and needs, and to work to fulfill and, if possible, to anticipate them. This is the very core of good hospitality, and should be the cornerstone of any great business.”