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Who could have imagined voluntarily wrapping a stylized rope around your neck might have a downside?
In a new study, researchers in Germany have documented necktie-wearers have reduced blood flow to the brain capable of causing decreased and lackluster mental performance.
Who will be the first to make the connection between unstable decision-making in our wayward capitols of political and economic power – spelled Washington and Wall Street – where use of tight neckties is uncontrollably epidemic? Jim

“A study published in the journal Neuroradiology used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to demonstrate what happened to cerebral blood flow when men wore neckties. If you are wearing a necktie and don’t understand what cerebral flow blood is, it is the amount of blood that is flowing through your brain at a given time. Blood is important because it brings oxygen and nutrients to your brain and removes waste materials so that you can think and stuff…

“Among the necktiers, the MRI scans revealed that cerebral blood flow dropped by an average of 7.5% after the neckties were tightened and continued to remain decreased by an average of 5.7% after the necktie was loosed. All but 2 of the necktie wearing subjects had a drop in cerebral blood flow with 5 having a greater than 10% decrease. The control group did not experience such as decrease but instead on average cerebral blood flow actually increased slightly during the second MRI. Maybe they were excited about not having to wear a necktie. Gee, who would have thought that wearing something around your neck would actually reduce blood flow to your brain?”