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Bottom line, since glyphosate gets into human bodies primarily through ingestion of conventional and GE food/beverage containing residues from Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ herbicide, women anticipating pregnancy should SWITCH NOW TO EATING ORGANIC FOOD.
Of course, persistent synthetic chemicals such as ‘Roundup’ are not needed and NOT ALLOWED in organic farming.
Following the clearly established pattern of attack and intimidation, we can now expect these courageous scientists to suffer the full wrath of malevolent Monsanto for daring to tell the truth as revealed by their research.
Yet another nail in Monsanto’s coffin. GLYPHOSATE MUST BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY. Jim

“The mean age of participants was 29 years, and the majority were Caucasian. Ninety three percent of the pregnant women had GLY levels above the limit of detection (0.1 ng/mL). Mean urinary GLY was 3.40 ng/mL (range 0.5–7.20 ng/mL). Higher GLY levels were found in women who lived in rural areas (p = 0.02), and in those who consumed > 24 oz. of caffeinated beverages per day (p = 0.004). None of the drinking water samples had detectable GLY levels. We observed no correlations with fetal growth indicators such as birth weight percentile and head circumference. However, higher GLY urine levels were significantly correlated with shortened gestational lengths (r = − 0.28, p = 0.02).

“This is the first study of GLY exposure in US pregnant women using urine specimens as a direct measure of exposure. We found that > 90% of pregnant women had detectable GLY levels and that these levels correlated significantly with shortened pregnancy lengths. Although our study cohort was small and regional and had limited racial/ethnic diversity, it provides direct evidence of maternal GLY exposure and a significant correlation with shortened pregnancy.”