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The Monsanto Doctrine Aims to Extinguish Citizen Rights

GROWING OPPOSITION TO HALT ‘THE MONSANTO DOCTRINE’ WHICH SEEKS TO EXTINGUISH CITIZEN RIGHTS. Make no mistake, Monsanto and its biotech bully allies are totalitarian in nature and relentlessly seek to obliterate the rights of citizens to protect themselves and their families. No thanks, Monsanto, we’re not buying. Jim

“During the past decade, five counties in California and three in Hawaii have passed common-sense public-safety laws to protect public health, organic agriculture, and clean water by regulating farms that grow pesticide-soaked genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Now, San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will determine whether the federal government can invalidate these laws in order to protect the profits of the world’s largest agrochemical companies…

“If the Ninth Circuit upholds these powers, then the popular laws and ballot initiatives passed during the last decade to create a GMO-free agricultural zone in Santa Cruz, Marin, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties could be instantly nullified.

“‘These federal agencies have been corrupted by agrochemical companies that have literally hijacked and now control the agencies that are supposed to regulate them,’ says David Cobb, outreach director of Move to Amend, a nonprofit that pushes to eliminate the idea of corporate personhood. ‘These companies are literally controlling the public process.'”