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Last month’s flooding – from a storm which left up to 31″ of rain – in flat Louisiana has really clobbered local farmers. The farm of the generous Gotreaux family was severely impacted. WE CAN HELP THEM TODAY by donating to a ‘GoFundMe Project’ set up on their behalf. Jim & Megan

“‘We lost 99 percent of our crops,’ says Brian Gotreaux of Gotreaux Family Farms, who raises fruit, vegetables, tilapia, and a medley of livestock on 30 acres just outside Lafayette. The water was thigh-deep over much of his land for more than 24 hours, long enough to drown any vegetable crop. Where a week before was a lush patchwork of tomatoes, peppers, beans, and zucchini—all the summer crops in the full glory of the harvest season—he now looks out on bare fields”

A few years ago Jim spoke at the Southern Sustainable Ag Working Group (SSAWG) Conference in Little Rock AR. Jim’s friend, Jean Mills, SSAWG Conf Coordinator, had this to say about the Gotreaux family: “By hosting field days and presenting at the Southern SAWG conference, Brian and Dawn Gotreaux have generously shared valuable farming experiences and lessons with the Southern SAWG community over the years. Their incredibly diverse farming operation is truly remarkable. I hope the Southern SAWG family can give back to the Gotreauxs in this time of need and we can help sustain this important family farm.”