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Caitlin Shetterly’s Book “Modified To Be Released this Month”

You’ll want to read this good article by Mary Pols in the Maine Sunday Telegram.
One might say Caitlin is Biotech’s worst nightmare: an articulate and intelligent young mother and author who discovers GE corn is making her family sick. Caitlin decides to do a radical makeover of her family’s diet, experiences recovery – after eating organic and avoiding GMOs – and, as writers are wont to do, writes up her experience in a landmark 2013 first-person article in “Elle” (…/a12574/allergy-to-genetically-modifi…/). Industry response is swift and predictable. Caitlin is savagely attacked by Biotech’s hired guns – including notorious propagandist Jon Entine (
So now comes her new book. Two weeks from today will be the Launch Party for Caitlin’s long-awaited book, “Modified” (G.P. Putnam Sons) at Stacy & Jon’s organic Broad Turn Farm near Portland, Maine.
We expect “Modified” will have a major impact in the growing societal discussion over whether GE crops truly serve the people or merely serve their corporate owners striving for greed and power. Jim & Megan

“’Off the bat, I fell in love with Caitlin’s writing and was drawn to the fact that she was able to take a topic like this that is so very complex and write about it with easy and beautiful prose,’ Kolen wrote in an email. ‘Readers and consumers of food desperately need more unfiltered and practical information about this topic and I do think that ultimately, that becomes our collective agenda in writing and publishing this book – to not only provide a framework for the basic and underlying information but to underscore the need for transparency when it comes to gathering that information.'”

Mainer Caitlin Shetterly takes on the topic of GMOs in new book, ‘Modified’