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Monumental Monsanto Resistence in Argentina

Relentless local citizen opposition has sent powerful multinational pesticide and Biotech seed bully Monsanto packing in Argentina. The action throws a significant monkey wrench into Monsanto’s dark designs for Latin America. Jim

“Since August 1st, the news is spreading that Monsanto had to abandon the construction of one of the biggest factories in the world for producing transgenic seed that was to be installed in Córdoba, Argentina, in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas. From there they had planned to distribute seeds to Latin America and beyond. This is an occurrence of enormous importance, that the company has not wanted to admit publicly, because the reason for their exit is the persistent popular resistance from neighbourhoods, youths and mothers, who have blocked the factory since 2013…

“The struggle against Monsanto in this locality began immediately after the official announcement of the factory in 2012. The blockade, with a campsite that was maintained for nearly three years through the cold, heat, wind and rain, was installed at the end of the festival ‘Spring without Monsanto’ in September of 2013. Local residents from the region, youths and mothers from Ituzaingó — a neighbourhood of Córdoba affected by agri-toxins from the planting of GMOs, where many have lost children and other family members due to cancer — have been at the heart of the resistance that grew to national and international levels, supported as well by medical doctors and critical scientists. They have suffered attacks and constant threats. The route has not been exempt from conflicts and internal divisions, as so often happens in struggles, but the efforts are bearing fruits.”