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Well, this much we know for sure: the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) minimalization of concerns over fracking had NO scientific basis.
Is EPA just another federal agency which has been captured by corporate interests? Sadly, this scenario appears to be a likely explanation of why such an agency – established decades ago to protect the public interest – would depart from science and instead side with positions friendly to industry

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board (SAB) today finalized its review of the EPA’s June 2015 draft study of fracking’s impacts to drinking water resources. For over a year, a panel of 30 scientists, engineers and industry consultants have reviewed the details of the 1,000-page draft report. The panel has taken particular issue with a finding that seemingly came out of left field: the agency’s statement that fracking has not led to ‘widespread systemic impacts’ in the U.S…

“‘By choosing politics over science, the EPA failed the public with its misleading and controversial line, dismissing fracking’s impacts on drinking water and sacrificing public health and welfare along the way,’ Hugh MacMillan, senior researcher at Food & Water Watch, said.

“‘We are calling on the EPA to act quickly on the recommendations from the EPA SAB and be clear about fracking’s impacts on drinking water resources. The EPA must prioritize the health and safety of the American people over the political interests of the oil and gas industry and its financiers, who have committed hundreds of billions to drilling and fracking in the coming decades. For climate reasons alone, that’s a vision for the future that we can ill-afford.'”