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It is a life and death struggle. Society must decide whether the people will regain control of our food system or whether greed-driven multinational corporations will continue to consolidate their death grip. Dr. Shiva eloquently argues on behalf on the people’s behalf. Jim

“Industrial agriculture is a product of war, both at the paradigmatic level, and at the level of instruments, tools and technologies. The synthetic nitrogen fertilizers were made in the same factories that made explosives. That is why fertilizer bombs are often used interrorist attacks. The precursors of pesticides were the poison gases used in the war and nerve gases used in gas chambers…

“The so-called Green Revolution is neither “green,” nor ‘revolutionary.’ It was the name given to chemical industrial agriculture when it was imposed on the Third World. The Green Revolution was first introduced in the fertile and prosperous land of Punjab in 1965. It promoted monocultures of rice and wheat varieties bred for taking up more chemicals. The monocultures and chemical varieties were vulnerable to pests. This led to increased use of pesticides. The pesticides have led to a cancer epidemic in Punjab. Today, there is a train that leaves from Punjab to Bikaner, where there is a charitable cancer hospital — a train referred to as the ‘cancer train.'”